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Biggest Loser Season 16 Week 9 Recap: The Halftime Show

biggest loser scott mitchell dolvett quince

We know Scott Mitchell can throw the football, but can he catch it tethered to Dolvett? Credit: Brandon Hickman/NBC

SPOILER ALERT!* We’re recapping tonight’s The Biggest Loser episode (get all the recaps here!), so avert your eyes if you don’t want to know what happened.

Bob Harper, rocking the flannel and looking all “lumbersexual” (yes, it’s a thing), greeted Blake at Comeback Canyon, and her red team compadres didn’t want to lose another teammate.

The Challenge

biggest loser michael irvin dolvett quince

NFL great Michael Irvin meets trainer Dolvett Quince. Credit: Brandon Hickman/NBC

When Alison announced that the challenge would be football-related, former NFL quarterback Scott Mitchell was chagrined, apparently because he didn’t want to compare his physique with those of Michael Irvin, Donald Driver and Willie McGinest.

biggest loser damien woody jessie pavelka

Being tethered to Jessie? We can think of worse things to happen to us. Credit: Brandon Hickman/NBC

The challenge tethered a trainer to a contestant and the former pros would shoot footballs to the tethered duos. When they catch a ball they have to throw it back to another teammate. After they catch all the footballs they have to dump a bucket of “sports drink” (oh, it’s Gatorade — who are they kidding?) on their coach.  Needless to say, Scott and Super Bowl champ Damien Woody were competing (and competing well) with Sonya as the white team’s tethered catcher, who couldn’t quite get the hang of it. The red and blue teams were neck and neck but the red team squeaked out a win and their prize was video chats from home. Rob was a total sweetie pie and gave his video chat to Lori on the blue team so that she could wish her adorable son a happy birthday.

Back in the gym, the football pros put the contestants through their paces in a really intense workout. Damien had a great moment with Willie — they were teammates on the New England Patriots. They were looking at a picture of Damien holding the Vince Lombardi trophy after a Super Bowl win and reminiscing.

Quote of the Week

From Damien: “As good a moment as that is, I’m surpassing that.”

Scott and Michael Irvin had a heart-to-heart talk in the training room about the ups and downs of their football careers. Scott lamented that his football career ending was not his choice — he just wasn’t picked up after awhile. Michael reminded him: “Football is what you did, not who you are.”

Comeback Canyon Weigh-In

Jackie was worried about competing against the younger Blake and losing the weigh-in. Jackie lost 6 pounds and Blake lost 1, which means that Jackie broke that revolving door and she gets to stay another week.

Ranch Weigh-In

We just realized — the white team is still five members strong. New trainer Jen is doing quite well for herself and her team. So how’d everyone do?

White Team

  • Rondalee: 7
  • JJ: 4
  • Toma: 8
  • Woody: 3
  • Sonya: 9

Blue Team

  • Lori: 6
  • Damien: 3

Red Team

  • Scott: 6
  • Jordan: 5
  • Rob: 13 (this guy has lost 109 pounds so far!)

Rob’s monster loss sent the blue team of Lori and Damien to Elimination Island, and Damien was the one to head to Comeback Canyon. “A minor setback for a major comeback,” Damien said of his elimination. But don’t fear, Damien, Bob’s waiting for you!

Blake’s Update

Blake is now down 90 pounds and looks smashing. She’s stand-up paddleboarding with her mom, and the two of them look like they could be sisters. She’s also dumping all the bad stuff from the family kitchen and showing her mom that the lifetime of dieting is gone — it’s a lifestyle change instead.

What to Expect Next Week

It appears there’s a twist in next week’s episode, and from close inspection of the videotape (yes, we watch intensely, pausing and rewinding obsessively), it looks like the red, white and blue teams go through a blender, and new T-shirts are passed out.

We think the Comeback Canyon surprises for eliminated contestants really leaves the episodes on an up note — what do you think? — Gail

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