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Fit4Life: A Butt-Kicking Workout

jenny-fit4life-585Staying active on the road can be tough. When I travel, I always make sure to plan my activities before I go. I research and sign up for any necessary classes. I need a plan. For me, I’ve learned, it’s easier to have one upon going than to make plans while I’m there. My college roommate made the process a bit easier for me in a recent trip to Chicago. Her boyfriend, Alonzo, is a personal trainer and has a passion for helping mamas get fit and stay fit. He is extremely supportive of our hard-working lifestyles and created a program to fit those needs.

Alonzo works in Gurnee, Ill., a space that forces him to be creative with his workouts, and boy, does he get creative! (Check out this video for an example.) We were sweating next to cheerleading practice for middle school girls — no pressure! Of course, we had to look strong and show them perseverance at its finest! The cheerleading practice is what really encouraged Alonzo to start a fit mamas group. All too often during training he saw moms sitting around and watching practice, he wanted to get them motivated and show them they can move too. So, this group was born.

Alonzo provides a meal plan (macros-based) and weekly weigh-ins for accountability. Before starting the workout, I overheard Alonzo checking in with his clients on their progress and questions regarding their new lifestyle. He takes time to go over what is needed in detail and doesn’t rush to get started. During the workout, he offers strong words of encouragement and motivation. There are no “I can’ts;” Alonzo shuts those down quickly and lets his clients know why they CAN. He reminded us of what our bodies are capable of, what they are designed to do. He reminded us this is a choice; we can choose to do this! He provided us reasons why we all chose to be there. At the same time, Alonzo was alert and aware of everyone’s exact movement and form. I have a strong appreciation for trainers who are alert and don’t just stand back and just shout orders!

To put the workout in perspective, we began with a outdoor cardio-based so-called “warm-up.” This consisted of high knees, walking lunges, jump squats, sprinting and jogging among other things. Inside was a Tabata-style workout in stations. I don’t want to scare everyone, but the workout ranged from burpees (everyone’s FAVORITE!), to wall sits with bicep curls, walking planks and ball slams. Again, this is only a glimpse. No one is at the same level, so modifications are offered for all who need it and prefer it. Alonzo is not there to be forceful; he’s there to guide his clients to be better and stronger than they believe they are. Each workout differs — he keeps it fresh, making sure to keep your body guessing so don’t rely on this to be what you get! Next time you’re in the north suburbs of Chicago, check him out and tell him Fit Bottomed Mamas sent you.

What’s the last workout you did that really challenged you? —Jennifer

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