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Food Fight: Bulletproof Coffee vs. Coffee Blocks

Heard of the whole coconut-oil-butter-fat coffee craze? Well, if you’ve been into it or simply curious about it (or, heck, even read about it here), we have the Food Fight for you: it’s Bulletproof Coffee vs. Coffee Blocks! And it’s on in 3 … 2 …

Taste & Texture

Bulletproof Coffee: For this Food Fight, we taste-tested freshly brewed (via a French pressUpgraded Coffee with a tablespoon of Upgraded Brain Octane Oil and a tablespoon of grass-fed butter that was blended well in a high-powered blender. The Bulletproof coffee itself was pretty mild and a nice breakfast blend — not super dark and roasted like I usually go for, but still tasty. And the oil was fabulous. Lighter than the usual coconut oil I use, it had less taste but plenty of richness to it. Made a great cup of rich high-powered coffee!
Coffee Blocks: With the Coffee Blocks, you simply take a cup of hot water and then drop a Coffee Block in (they come frozen). In order to get the Coffee Block fully dissolved and to make the coffee that thick and frothy consistency that is so delicious, I blended it well in a high-powered blender. This resulted in a cup that was nice and creamy with more of a butter-than-coconut flavor. It also had a touch of vanilla and a bit more sweetness.
Winner: Bulletproof Coffee wins it! The black coffee lover in me preferred the Bulletproof Coffee, sure, but what really won this one was simply the fact that Coffee Blocks just wasn’t quite as rich and creamy as the Bulletproof was. More convenient and quicker, yes, but just didn’t have the same taste and texture experience!

Nutritional Facts

Bulletproof Coffee: These are kind of hard to compare since coffee itself is calorie-free and the numbers vary a bit depending on if you use grass-fed butter or not, but generally, a cup of Bulletproof coffee (with the butter and oil) is going to have about 230 calories and 26 grams of fat.
Coffee Blocks: A cup of Coffee Blocks has 170 calories and 18 grams of fat.
Winner: Coffee Blocks gets it!

Ingredient List

Bulletproof Coffee: A combination of coconut and palm kernels, the Brain Octane Oil is basically finely tuned coconut oil designed for energy and metabolism boosting. (Plus, it’s in a BPA-free bottle.) The coffee itself is picked specifically to deliver the highest performance (alertness), harbor the lowest possible mold toxins and heavy metal load, and taste great, according to the company’s website.
Coffee Blocks: Clean and simple, the ingredient list reads: butter from grass-fed cows, organic extra virgin coconut oil, free-range egg yolks, organic fair trade instant coffee and organic vanilla extract. You don’t get much cleaner than that.
Winner: This one is so close. SO close. Both are awesome, but we give the slight edge to Bulletproof for taking a great idea and refining it so that it’s even more amazing and healthy.

And the Food Fight Champion Is …

Bulletproof Coffee gets the win! That said, while Bulletproof Coffee is our go-to choice when we’re at home, if we’re short on time or on the go, Coffee Blocks is good stuff. Really, everyone’s a winner!
Have you done the coconut-oil-butter-coffee thing? —Jenn

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