It’s a Baby Boom!


It’s a baby boom over here at Fit Bottomed Mamas! That’s right. Erin had her third child in September, Jenn is due in February, and now I’m expecting around the same time as Tish! YAY! For the past 20 weeks I have been nauseated, and well, I’ll spare you the details. This pregnancy is so different than my experience with my mister.

Nausea didn’t linger with Evan, and my second trimester was complete bliss. This baby — not so much. I also feel like this pregnancy is taking forever! Each day is moving so slowly, thanks to morning sickness. This has really taught me to let go of mommy guilt and ask for help. My energy has been at its lowest, and some days I have not even been able to function. The nausea completely knocks me off my feet, and I feel completely helpless. My mom took Evan to Chicago, alone, without me, for a week. Although it was a much-needed break to help me regain some energy, it was sad, too (more on that another time!). My mother-in-law has helped with school pick-up and giving Jake and I weekends to relax and get some errands done, too. We are so lucky to have help surrounding us; I could not imagine doing this all alone. I’m not quick to ask for help, and this pregnancy has certainly helped me learn to.

Because I’ve had a tough time feeling excitement because of how miserable I have been feeling, I have felt somewhat guilty and a bit scared about having a second child. Please tell me every mama goes through this moving from one to two kids! I feel guilty that my oldest will think we love him less or that he isn’t as important as we try to show him he is on the daily. I know he will have less of our attention and for that, I feel sad, as though I’m taking something away from him. Evan has been the most amazing change in our lives. He surprises us everyday and his imagination completely blows my mind. I’m scared of losing that close bond I have with him as I know I will rely on help more when the baby arrives. Expanding our family was a surprise, and we are grateful for this change, just scared!

Have any of you experienced this feeling? What worked for you to accept the change to come and what sort of advice can you offer to ease my fears?  —Jennifer

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  1. Farrah says:

    Following! I have many of the same fears when thinking about having a second child. My neice definitely resented her little brother when he was a baby, but now they are best friends, and I see so many moms being able to have two (or more!). I’d love to hear what they have to say about the transition!

    Kol hakavod in asking for help. We’re also here if you ever need anything!