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Beerology: Beer for Beginners (and Beyond)

I’m married to a serious beer connoisseur, and, slowly but surely, I’ve begun to garner my own reputation as a gal who knows her beer. I’ve expanded my palette to the point where I can appreciate many types of beer (although I still can’t quite get on board with most IPAs), and because I know so many people who enjoy even the types I don’t like, I’ve become a pretty good person to have around when you’re trying to pick a brew from a list of names you’ve never seen before, even if you and I like entirely different styles.
Beerology is a book designed to give an overview of all things beer. The author, Mirella Amato, holds numerous rare certifications that basically make her an expert among experts in the world of hops and barley, and her purpose in writing this book was to elevate beer from its frat house-reputation and show people that it’s something that can be enjoyed in the same way as wine … but maybe with a little more lighthearted fun.
The book is broken down into four sections: 1) Beer Basics, which includes info on how it’s made, how it should be stored, and how to present and taste it; 2) Beer Styles, which goes over all types of beer and details what it’s best paired with and more; 3) Diving In, which is a guide to enjoying beer in more than a pub setting (so, setting up a beer tasting with games, pairing it with food, creating cocktails, etc.), and 4) Glossary & Tools, which, well. You don’t have to be a beer snob to understand what that means, right?
Parts One and Two are really great for beginners with some brilliant explanations that will make going into a brewery or craft beer pub far less intimidating, although seasoned beer aficionados aren’t likely to learn a ton. However, Part Three provided some really interesting tips and ideas for how to enjoy your favorite beers and get to know some others you might not be so familiar with.
And Part Four was the biggest surprise — I expected to flip through that section in a few moments because, I mean, how many more terms and tools do I need at this point, right? Wrong! There were terms I’ve never even heard of (but will definitely begin to use — I can’t even wait until I have a chance to reference the retronasal olfaction of my drink), and the tools are fantastic, not to mention beautifully displayed. From a super-inclusive evaluation sheet to a flavor wheel and comparison charts, there’s a ton to check out.
Are you a beer drinker? If so, do you like to stick to the same thing or try something new when you have a chance? If given the option, I’ll almost always go for the new brew. Kristen

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