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Biggest Loser Season 16 Week 13 Recap: Beach Blanket Burpees!

biggest loser season 16 hawaii

Biggest Loser trainers and contestants hit the beaches of Kauai. Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

SPOILER ALERT!* We’re recapping tonight’s The Biggest Loser episode (get all the recaps here!), so avert your eyes if you don’t want to know what happened.

JJ’s thrilled that he has another chance to succeed at Comeback Canyon, and his teammates back at the ranch are equally psyched that they get to go to Hawaii for a couple of weeks. But it won’t be all luaus and pina coladas. This is Hawaii, Biggest Loser style.

Shirtless Jessie had the contestants run the beach in Kauai and dig in the sand and equally shirtless Dolvett ran tackling drills on the sand. Jen splashed in the surf with the contestants and had them throw big rocks around.

Rob, inexplicably, did not want to be in Hawaii. He told Dolvett that he was angry because he didn’t feel in control of the situation as well as he did at the ranch.

Quote of the Week

From Dolvett to Rob: “Do you know when life begins? When you stop going the way you think you should go. Stop fighting against yourself — get out of your way!”

The Challenge

The contestants had to kayak out in the water to fetch a bag of puzzle pieces tethered to a buoy, paddle back and put that puzzle together to see what the prize was. Lori was the first back but Jordan solved the puzzle first — and the prize was a helicopter tour of the island. As expected, it was gorgeous.

Back at Comeback Canyon, Bob took JJ and Scott on a hike through the hills of Malibu — not quite Hawaii but still pretty scenic.

Bob did a cool “ceremony” with JJ and Scott. He gave them their before pictures printed on paper embedded with seeds. Instead of tearing up or burning their pasts, they planted those seeds for a new start on life.

Over in Hawaii, Jen took Woody and Sonya out in the water, put on snorkeling gear and jumped into the water, which was a big milestone for Woody and Jen — they both admitted they feared the water. But snorkeling in Hawaii is the best!

Comeback Canyon Weigh-In

Another week, another pair of football players. Who would get to stay another week? JJ lost 8 pounds and is now down 100 pounds. Scott also lost 8 pounds, which sent JJ home. He may have been disappointed that he was leaving but he loved the new man he became during these 13 weeks.

Hawaii Weigh-In

There’s a red line, so the person who falls below it gets an immediate “aloha.” Everyone else gets to stay another week in paradise. How’d they do?

  • Sonya: 6 (she’s down 100 pounds)
  • Lori: 10
  • Toma: 10
  • Rob: 12
  • Jordan: 6
  • Woody: 12

Everyone had a great week but someone had to go back to the mainland and that was Jordan who is headed to Comeback Canyon.

JJ’s Update

JJ is now down 131 pounds and he says he’s healthier now than when he played college football. His mom also followed his healthy lead and has lost 35 pounds and quit smoking.

What to Expect Next Week

Christmas carols! No joke — Biggest Loser is off for Christmas but will be back on New Year’s Day with part 2 of the Hawaii trip.

Any early guesses for who’s going to make it to the big finale? —Gail

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