Water Gets Trendy: 7 Funky New Ways to Hydrate

You’ve probably heard of coconut water and sipped on lemon-infused water, but how about artichoke water? Or maple water? Or cactus water? Guys, the water trends are coming fast, furious and funky. Here are seven water trends that our thirsty selves are watching! Say goodbye to boring water …
Bottle with pure water and splash around it

7 Funky Water Trends

1. Artichoke water. Drinkable artichoke? Well, that certainly got our tastebuds’ attention. The tasty vegetable is now available in water form with Arty Artichoke Water. This beverage contains phytonutrients and has many health benefits ranging from liver detoxification to immune system protection, the company says. It also is a good source of fiber!
2. Maple water. We’ve loved using maple as a natural energy source for workouts with this DIY sports drink recipe, but maple water — which is tapped fresh from maple trees — is interesting for sure! Vertical Maple Water is high in antioxidants and manganese to support vitamin absorption. It also adds a little sweetness to staying hydrated.
3. Cactus water. There isn’t anything prickly about this water trend! Cali Water contains naturally occurring electrolytes, minerals and flavonoids from cactus water. Gluten-free, vegan and certified Kosher, this water may even help with hangovers.
4. Aloe vera water. Aloe has long been known for skin care, but it’s gaining steam as a drink, too. There are lots of kinds out there, (Aloe Gloe is a fun one), and they’re said to help support a strong immune system and keep your digestive tract happy.
5. Alkaline water. There are lots of alkaline waters out there (I have a whole filtration system at home that I love) but Blk Water really got our attention recently because, well, it’s dark. Made of alkaline fulvic trace materials and electrolytes, the company says it contains more than 60 minerals!
6. Watermelon water. Watermelon is delicious, so it’s no wonder that watermelon water is, too. Made from cold-pressed watermelon, WTRMLNWTR has all the natural sugars, electrolytes and potassium that watermelon has — just in a to-go drink form.
7. Energy water. We’ve never been big fans of energy drinks, but energy water that’s boosted with a little caffeine, some electrolytes and other vitamins and minerals? Yeah, we can see how that might be a new water trend. Two companies to watch for: HYDRIVE Energy Water and LYFT Energy Stir Sticks.
Of all the new water trends which ones have you tried? And which ones do you want to try? I’ve been doing alkaline and aloe vera water for awhile now, but I MUST try cactus and artichoke water soon! Jenn

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  1. Akash says:

    Hey Jenn thanks for sharing.. Really drinking more water is very boring but it is very important as well… These drinks will really help to motivate to drink more water…