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We Want to Feature Real Women — We Want to Feature YOU!

fbg-movement-585You guys remember how we want to feature your success stories? Well, in the New Year, we want to show even more of you off. Healthy and fit women come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages with different backgrounds, likes and, well, everything! And we think that’s beautiful. So often you only see a few visual “ideals” of beauty in the media, and even here on FBG, we struggle sometimes with finding photos and art that really represent all of us. So we thought: Why not feature our readers more? Why not ditch the ridiculous stock art and instead showcase our readers being fit and healthy in our posts?

Having healthy and real role models to look up to is so important. And we want to host an online environment that sets the standard of normal as well, normal — not airbrushed fantasy. We write real stuff and we want to show you the real stuff, too, folks! So, we’re asking you to submit your real photos!


How to Join the Real FBG Movement and Share Your Photo

Simply send a photo of yourself to contact@fitbottomedgirls.com with the subject line “Real FBG.” Then tell us what you love about yourself most and what workouts you love (this can be short or long — and feel free to write a haiku if you want!). They can be selfies or race photos or family photos or whatever you want! They can be flattering or not-so-much; they can be of you being active or just hanging out. All that we ask is that you have permission to share them with us if taken by someone else and that if there are others in the photo, you have their permission to be featured, too. Also know that when you send photos to us, you grant us the right to share them on FBG. (We promise we’ll do ya proud!)

Oh, and we’ll regularly play prize fairy to those who submit photos — giving away a workout DVD, our book or other fun stuff as we go. Just a little bonus to you for being awesome and helping change the visual culture of the fit online world!

Who’s in? Change starts with us. —Jenn

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