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All In The Name Of EATS!

Another year of food blogging is under my belt and another one is in the works. Whew! Sharing one’s eats can be a lot of fun, but don’t let all the flashy meal pics fool you. This is one tough business. Let me explain.
We’re constantly sent recipe books, new fangled kitchen tools and unusual foodstuffs to review. And don’t think this doesn’t come with some down side. I’ve toiled long hours in the kitchen all in the name of Eats — of course I get to consume everything I make, but still you can see what a hardship it is.

Chicken Piccata from The Magic of Cooking With Really Good Broth. You can hardly write a book review without trying a few recipes!

On top of all the cooking and the tasting, when you’re not banging away in the kitchen, you’re practically required to check out all of the new restaurants in town.
Cooper's Hawk Winery was pretty cool and worth checking out.

I’ll admit, Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant was pretty cool.

And you’ve got to tote a damn camera everywhere you go because you never know when that perfect shot is gonna appear.
I”ve taken food pics on vacation …
carciofi alla giudia

Carciofi alla giudia, yum.

Hell, I even took food pics at my own wedding.
Another fabulous presentation and for tender.

Yes, my own wedding, now that’s dedication.

And, you’ve got to remember to take the picture before the food is half gone!

This samosa stuffed with purple sweet potato looked a lot better before I dove in.

And then there is the travel.
In August I found myself in the middle of an almond orchard
I'm not the only camera toting foodie out there. I feel your pain sisters!

I’m not the only camera toting foodie out there. I feel your pain, sisters!

And not two months later I’m back in Cali, hard at it learning about the walnut.
After a hard day in the orchard, do I get to hunker down in my hotel room and put my feet up? Heck no! You’re expected to attend the evening’s cooking demonstration and following dinner. Just look what I had to endure.

Roasted Chile in Walnut Sauce. Credit: California Walnut Board

Chunky Walnut Pesto with Heirloom Tomatoes. Credit: California Walnut Board

Fettuccine with Walnuts, Winter Squash and Aged Cheddar. Credit: California Walnut Board

Walnut Maple Tart. Credit: California Walnut Board

Oh, the sacrifices one must make!
And the hardest part — you’ve got to take notes and pics in a foodie-induced haze and try to remember all the great stuff you ate.
When I take a look at my last couple of years’ posts I get exhausted; but I’m willing to do it all in the name of Eats.
2015 here we go again! —Karen

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