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Biggest Loser Season 16 Week 15 Recap: Makeover Week

biggest loser makeover ken paves lori mack
Hairstylist Ken Paves works his magic on Lori. Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

SPOILER ALERT!* We’re recapping tonight’s The Biggest Loser episode (get all the recaps here!), so avert your eyes if you don’t want to know what happened.

You know it, you love it — it’s makeover week at the Biggest Loser Ranch. Alison Sweeney can’t be the only one wearing the cute clothes!

But first Woody made his surprising trip to Comeback Canyon, and boy was he befuddled. He really thought he was going home. This matchup was juicy because Woody was the deciding vote to eliminate Scott on the ranch and now they are competing to see who heads back to the ranch to compete for a spot in the Season 16 finale.

On to the Makeovers!

Why, hello Tim Gunn — he met the four contestants to tell them that not only would get spiffy new outfits but Kohl’s would be giving them new wardrobes in their new slimmer sizes.

Their hairstyles were in the hands of celeb hairstylist Ken Paves. He didn’t really have any real messes on his hands, but Toma had fun shaving off his beard, at first leaving him with some freaky mutton chops.

Quote of the Week

From Sonya: “I’ve never felt beautiful in 39 years.”

biggest loser makeovers tim gunn sonya jones

Tim Gunn advises Sonya on dresses. Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

Sonya’s makeover was most poignant because she said that she never felt worthy of looking beautiful, and the excitement in her face lit up the salon.

All the makeovers were stunning — Lori’s hair was long and wavy and she wore a sleek black dress. Toma didn’t even look like himself — the beard was gone, hair was much shorter and he even looked years younger. Rob cleaned up great and his blue eyes sparkled with happiness. Sonya’s makeover was spectacular — “For the first time in my life, I feel beautiful,” said the now blonder Sonya, wearing a form-fitting blue dress.

They were serenaded by Gavin Degraw and Dolvett was getting down, dancing with a glass of champagne.

Woody and Scott got makeovers, too, and they also got to see their families at Comeback Canyon. “The mirror is my best friend now,” said a beaming Woody. Woody’s reunion with his kids was great — he not only lost his wife but his kids lost their mom and they didn’t want to lose another parent to obesity.

Last-Chance Workout

They all got to mess up their new hairstyles with an extra sweaty workout at the ranch and at Comeback Canyon. Lots of trash talking between Woody and Scott as they knew they had lots at stake. “That s**t was real!” Bob said to the camera with a bemused smirk.

Comeback Canyon Weigh-In

Woody lost 6 pounds and holy cliffhanger, we have to wait and see what happened!

Ranch Weigh-In

The yellow line is back so the two bottom-dwellers will be up for an elimination vote. Makeover week is notorious for low numbers because of the distractions. How’d they do?

  • Rob: 2
  • Toma: 1
  • Sonya: 3
  • Lori: 1

That puts Lori and Toma up for elimination … or did it? The video image of Tim Gunn suddenly appeared and — poof! — he sent the yellow line off the board. No one’s going anywhere! (He’s done this before.)

But suddenly the doors of the weigh-in room opened and a shadowy, study figure appeared. It was Bob Harper.

What to Expect Next Week

Wow, all kinds of stuff is coming next week! Here’s what I learned before the season even started — NOBODY knew about Bob being on the show, not even the other trainers, so next week’s episode should be super interesting. Bob will appear with the winner of this week’s Comeback Canyon weigh-in.

What are you looking forward to next week? —Gail


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