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Biggest Loser Season 16 Week 16 Recap: The Comeback

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Getting the band back together: Dolvett, Bob, Jen and Jessie work with the remaining five contestants. Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

SPOILER ALERT! We’re recapping tonight’s The Biggest Loser episode (get all the recaps here!), so avert your eyes if you don’t want to know what happened.

Don’t call it a comeback! Bob’s been here for years!

Guess who’s back, back again. Bob is back! Tell a friend.

(Okay, we’ll stop with the song lyrics.)

But Bob Harper’s return to the ranch was pretty rockstar like with him in silhouette, rocking the leather jacket.

Quote of the Week

From Sonya: “That is Bob. That is Bob Stinking Harper, right there.”

And he brought Woody back with him. Woody beat the Comeback Canyon champ Scott and won the chance to compete again.

To call Rob upset would be an understatement. Rob was pissed!

He thought he was nearing the finish line and when he saw Woody, that Biggest Loser curveball hit him square in the noggin.

Dolvett had a fascinating one-on-one with Rob after that, telling Rob that the only time he sees any real emotion from Rob is when he’s angry. He explained to Rob that it’s not just the show throwing curveballs — life does it all the time and he needs to find the proper way to field those curveballs. Rob responded that before the show he never expressed anger. Instead he’d stuff it down with food. Since he’s been at the ranch he hasn’t stuffed anything down and frankly doesn’t know how to deal with overwhelming emotions, but he’s going to work on it.

Scott’s Update

Scott is now down to his NFL playing weight of 240 pounds — 126 pounds down. He’s much more active with his family and is working on a book about his weight loss.

Back at the ranch, the contestants were happy to be working with Bob and we got to see a mini montage of all his years on the show, including his season 7 blow-up with contestant Joelle.

The Challenge

The final five have to row 2,000 meters, then after that they have to shoot medicine balls like basketballs into a hoop. The winner gets a 1-pound advantage at the weigh-in. It came down to Toma and Rob, and in an actual photo finish, Toma won the advantage.

Last-Chance Workout

Jen said it best: “Whoever does the worst of the best is going home.” Everyone is working their butts, off but someone will fall below the line and be sent home.

Weigh-In and Elimination

Sonya is celebrating her 40th birthday at the weigh-in. She has been the biggest loser at the ranch — will she get a gift from the scale tonight?

  • Toma: 14 (and with his 1-pound advantage it’s 15)
  • Lori: 6 (she’s back to her Olympian weight)
  • Sonya: 6
  • Rob: 15
  • Woody: 11

That sent Lori below the red line and home. She started the show at 301 pounds and leaves at a weight she hasn’t seen in a decade.

Lori’s Update

She dropped another 10 pounds at home for a total of 91 pounds lost. She gleefully says she has finally become the “fun mom” joining her family on carnival rides and playing at the park, and the girls that she coaches in softball see a difference in her, too.

What to Expect Next Week

The contestants will return to the LA Coliseum where their journey began for a challenge requiring them to put all of their lost weight back on and drop it at 16 stops as they did each week, while running up and down the stadium steps. And the most important highlight — the final three will be revealed!

What did you think of Rob’s talk with Dolvett? — Gail

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