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Biggest Loser Season 16 Week 17 Recap: Planks for the Memories

biggest loser season 16 final four jenna wolfe today show

Rob, Woody, Sonya and Toma train with Today show fitness expert Jenna Wolfe. Credit: Brandon Hickman/NBC

SPOILER ALERT! We’re recapping tonight’s The Biggest Loser episode (get all the recaps here!), so avert your eyes if you don’t want to know what happened.

It’s a week before the big season 16 Biggest Loser finale, and it’s a time to reminisce and have the final four work like mad to be a finalist.

biggest loser season 16 trainers

Jessie, Dolvett and Jen get schooled by Bob. Brandon Hickman/NBC

But for once, there were actually more trainers than contestants — Dolvett, Jen, Jessie and Bob, plus Today show fitness expert Jenna Wolfe who trained the contestants while Bob trained the trainers. And while Jenna was 7 months pregnant, she didn’t hold back.

Quote of the Week

From Rob: “This little pregnant lady is kicking my butt.”

It was kinda fun to see the trainers grunting and pushing themselves — and Jen worked out at the same weight as the dudes!

The Challenge

biggest loser season 16 toma

Toma carries the weight of the season on his shoulders. Brandon Hickman/NBC

The final four returned to the Los Angeles Coliseum, where they entered the competition on Week 1. It was the classic “dump the weight” challenge that’s been done in previous seasons, where they’d strap on all the weight that they lost and at every stop around the stadium they’d drop the weight they lost week after week. The prize was a gem — a 1-pound advantage on the scale and $5,000. After loads of stadium steps dragging around excess weight, Toma sprinted to the finish. But while Rob came in fourth place, he got a lot out of the challenge emotionally, reflecting on how much he had shed in weight and negativity.

After the challenge, the four sat down with the trainers and watched a highlight reel of their time on the ranch and their transformations in body and spirit. You could see the spark come alive in the contestants’ eyes as they made progress. “It’s a good show!” Toma said as he watched his highlight reel. “I guess I have come a long way.”


After an emotional last-change workout it was time to see who would make it to the finals. How’d they do?

  • Toma: 3 (but he made it to One-derland and has a 1-pound advantage)
  • Rob: 13 (he had the biggest smile he ever sported)
  • Woody: 4
  • Sonya: 6

Those numbers pushed Woody below the red line and sent him home.

Woody’s Update

Woody is now down 148 pounds and looks fantastic and years younger. He says he’s in the best shape of his life and unlike in Week 5, he’s become a big fan of zip-lining.

What to Expect Next Week

Rob, Sonya and Toma will compete for the title of The Biggest Loser next week in a two-hour episode. Let the confetti rain down!

So who do you think will win? — Gail

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