Can a Juice Cleanse Reset Healthy Habits?

We get a lot of questions about juice cleanses here at Fit Bottomed Girls, and we’ve largely shied away from them for a simple reason — we do not believe the key to weight-loss is deprivation, and when we thought about consuming nothing but juice for days on end, honestly, that sounded like a lot of deprivation. Plus, lasting weight-loss doesn’t occur over just a couple of days, so the idea seemed like a bad fit.

But then, I checked out some cocktail mixers over on Fit Bottomed Eats from Ritual Wellness, a company that also does juice cleanses. The mixers were delightful (and would’ve been even without booze added!), and it got me looking into their other products, which was when I realized that they really weren’t shilling a few days of juice as a way to lose weight, but rather as a way to reset habits. I mean, they even call it a “reset cleanse.”

juice cleanse

With a few holiday-related habits (mostly relating to crackers and cheese, but wine and caffeine were also making more appearances than I’d like), I decided to give a Ritual Wellness 3-Day Seasonal Reset Juice Cleanse a try. Here is my story. (Insert Law & Order sound here.)

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  1. This was a cool post, it was interesting to read about your detailed account trying the juice plan….I have always stayed away, because I’d rather eat whole, healthy food instead! But it does sound like there are lots of pros to it, so I can better understand why some people love to do it.

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  2. Cat says:

    Great article! I’ve always enjoyed juicing as a nice “restart” to my system. I would typically drink my juices during the day, but still eat clean, plant based solid dinners at night. The only reason why I haven’t done it lately is because I would juice everything myself, and just haven’t felt like buying all of my produce in bulk (and dealing with all of the clean up).

  3. Hi Kristen –

    Thanks for trying out the Reset Cleanse and for the detailed account. I loved reading your day by day. It is wonderful to hear that you enjoyed the experience and that post cleanse – you were not tempted by fro yo!! I love that most 🙂

    If you have any questions come up post cleanse, please feel free to reach out!

    Be Well,
    Marra St,Clair
    Co-founder, Ritual Wellness

  4. Good post. I’m facing a few of these issues as well..

  5. kyley says:

    This is an interesting post and a thoughtful discussion about juice cleanses. I really appreciate that, because it’s hard to find thoughtful voices you can trust in all the DIET DIET DIET noise.

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