How to Make a Smoothie: The Ultimate Guide

smoothie inspiration
8. Seek out inspiration. It’s really easy to find a few recipes you love and never branch out, but that’s a sure-fire way to burn out on smoothies, even before your blender motor burns out. (See No. 6: Get a blender with a good warranty).
I mentioned Power Smoothies above, which, in addition to being jam-packed with helpful information on ingredients and suggestions for using smoothies to assist with weight loss or weight gain, also includes a whole slew of great recipes, so that’s certainly a solid resource. Of course, we post a fair share of smoothie recipes here, too, but you know where else you can go that’s just a treasure trove of smoothie inspiration? Pinterest]! (Yes, a lot of them are shown in mason jars. You can put them in whatever you like. I promise. I don’t think I even own a mason jar …)
Oh, and if you find yourself with an overabundance of ingredients that you’d like to use up (say you grew a ton of basil or overestimated how much starfruit you could really eat on its own), a site like Foodily, which allows you to search terms (and exclude ingredients) is a game changer. Go ahead — try searching “smoothie, cayenne” and exclude “nuts” and just see what pops up. You’re welcome.
9. Enjoy it. Sometimes, when we know we’re eating something healthy, it can feel like a chore, but with so many ingredients available to make a super healthy smoothie, shouldn’t you find one you love? So don’t blend it up and choke it down. Sip it. Savor it. Identify the different flavors as they dance along your tongue. Would you treat a milkshake like a job? No! So enjoy your smoothie like the treat that it is.
What are your favorite smoothie combos? I’m pretty into Greek yogurt, pineapple and cucumber with some berry protein powder, coconut water, chia seeds and a whole blender full of kale.Kristen

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