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Love Premium Denim: Stretchy Jeans Perfect for New Moms

LoveJeans-585It would be a perfect world if, as new moms, we walked out of the delivery room with a new baby and our old pre-pregnancy jeans on our fit bottoms. But alas, it is not a perfect world, so most women are stuck wearing maternity gear for months after delivering their babies. Or you’re stuck in the limbo where I currently am: Not in maternity jeans but decidedly not fitting into many of my pre-pregnancy jeans. I’ve got one pair of jeans I can really wear, so it’s been a lot of those and yoga pants for me lately.

So when Love Premium Denim contacted me about its stretchy and slimming denim, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out a new pair of jeans and see if they’d be a good fit for other new moms, too. The brand is designed by women for women, and you can tell. I tried out the Olivia cut ($135) in Dark Indigo and Black Denim. Sure, those colors are naturally slimming, but I’m more concerned about comfort and being able to chase my kids around without my jeans feeling too tight or binding the heck out of me. The comfort level is certainly there, too. They’ve got a high waist, which is great because it flattens the tummy and keeps the muffin top in check should you have one, and it also prevents exposing the underwear and crack when you’re bending over and playing on the ground with kiddos. My husband made fun of my high waist until he realized that it didn’t give me the “mom jean” look in the butt that is so common of those former high-waisted jeans of yesterday. Being a former low-rise fit aficionado, I truly appreciate the extra coverage. Look at me being all Practical Mom! It’s a denim revolution, people.

But let’s talk about the stretch. The denim is made with a 35-percent Lycra blend that offers 360-degree stretch. That stretch lets you move and groove without restrictions, but it also ensures that as you lose weight, the stretchy jeans will fit you and won’t start to look baggy. Plus it’s great for when you wear your pants multiple times between washings; they don’t lose the good fit. They really are so comfortable, too. They’re kind of the perfect in-between pant for times you want to wear yoga pants but need to wear real pants. (I need to get them hemmed because they’re long, but you can see a pic of me wearing them tucked into boots here.)

I also love that  three of the four styles are named after a breast cancer survivor and that a portion of each pair sold is donated to the CURE Foundation.

What did you do for the limbo period between maternity and real pants? I’ve decided I can’t got wrong with yoga pants — plus it encourages me to exercise because I’m dressed for it! —Erin

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