5 Ways I’m Staying Flexible This Year

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It’s well documented that I’m not the most flexible Fit Bottomed Girl in the house. I love yoga, but I tend to go for the strength and power variety instead of the bendy kind. And, I can sometimes also get caught up in liking to be in control … so, yeah, flexibility is something I’m definitely into improving, both physically and mentally, this year. (Especially with the newest addition to my family!) Here are five ways I’m doing just that — and hopefully sharing them helps you to do the same if you have some of the same tendencies I do!


5 Ways I’m Staying Flexible This Year

1. Meditating on the regular. I love meditation, but I tend to like to have a chunk of 15 to 20 minutes to do it. While working up to meditating longer amounts of time has been awesome for me and my brain, sometimes it stops me from doing it every day when things get busy. So, I’m staying flexible by allowing myself to meditate for just three to five minutes. That’s it! I do that, and I’ve hit my goal. Boom!

2. Setting realistic workout expectations for myself. So much of staying flexible inside and out is about knowing and respecting my body’s limits. That means that I must continue to be intuitive with my workouts. I know I’m eager to get back to my pre-baby body, but I’m staying flexible by realizing that my body has changed a lot and that there’s no rush to get it “back.” It’s evolved and done some amazing things. Time to love it and work with it, not against it.

3. Using Stayfree Ultra Thins. I won’t get into too many TMI details about pregnancy, but let’s just say that during and after, you need a lot of extra protection down there. And Stayfree Ultra Thins have been wonderful for that. Light, super thin and inspired by high-performance athletic fabrics, they actually flex and move with your body as you move throughout the day. They also quickly pull away moisture and allow for air circulation. Meaning that I can wear one during a workout and feel calm, cool and connected. Love.


4. Doing more yoga at home. My prenatal yoga classes have been fantastic, and this year I’m looking to bring that level of zen home with me a little more. Turns out, that’s been super easy to do since Stayfree has partnered with My Yoga Online, where users can redeem a free month-long membership with purchase of any Stayfree product. This has allowed me to do yoga from my computer at home, whenever I want. And there are tons of yoga styles and types to choose from. (Promise I’m picking the ones that boost flexibility!) Get details on how you can get your free month-long membership here (be sure to keep your receipt!).

5. Rethinking my free time. In the past, I’d plop down on the couch with a reality TV marathon of some kind when I needed a break. But these days, I know that that’s not really the way to help me feel recharged and flexible. Instead, I’ll use my time more consciously and take time here and there to stretch out, just breathe, take a quick walk or call a friend. And don’t worry, I’m also busting out my foam roller more. Because, seriously, my muscles need that!

How do you stay calm, cool and connected? Join in the conversation with #JustBeFlexible! —Jenn

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    I like to make myself a hot cup of green tea to stay calm!

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