My 2015 #BeActiv Plan (and Why Calcium Is a Part of It)

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Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews are available in milk chocolate, caramel and sugar-free milk chocolate flavors, each individually wrapped making it easy to take your calcium on the go. Viactiv Gummies, available at Walgreens, come in assorted tropical fruit flavors, and are gluten- and dairy-free.

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Setting goals comes naturally for me — I’ve been goal oriented my entire life, and, much like Jenn, I love checking things off a to-do list. Huge accomplishments are actually huge fun for me (which may explain why, after I swore I’d never run a long distance ever again EVERRRR, I signed up for this and this … and, as it turns out, I’m so glad I did!).

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that at some point this year, I’ll probably do a big ol’ race and train really hard and do my best and be super excited to tell you every last detail. That’s kind of my thing at this point, right? Clearly.

But this year, I’m putting more of my focus on self-care than on how much I can check off my list before lunch … which sometimes means that one of the top things on my beloved to-do list is along the lines of “Breathe.” I’m still not to the point of setting aside 20 or 30 minutes every day for pure meditation (although I’m working toward it!), but I am making a point to slow down a few times during the day to take a few deep breaths, stretch and show some gratitude.

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The other element of my self-care strategy takes place in the kitchen. I mean, deep breathing and stress-busting exercises can only do so much for my body if I’m not also focusing on solid nutrition, which, for me, means avoiding the mindless snacking (which has been easier to do since I tried this) and being extra mindful about getting enough key nutrients, whether that’s through my food or through supplements.

So, here’s a fun (read: scary) fact: 70 percent of adult women are calcium deficient; that number jumps to around 85 percent for teen girls! Know why? For one thing, calcium isn’t manufactured in the body, so it has to be introduced by outside sources (diet, supplements). Plus, females are born with lower bone density than men, but the majority of us get just half of our recommended calcium amounts through our diets. Yeah — that rattled me, too.

At this point in my life (post-childhood but pre-menopause), I should be getting around 1,000 mg or more of calcium (along with Vitamin D and weight-bearing exercise), according to Viactiv, but when I look at what I eat on a typical day … well, there are days when I don’t quite hit the mark despite my deep love of yogurt and kale. (Wondering how much calcium your favorite foods pack? Viactiv has a handy chart to help you out.)

Recently, I’ve been popping a Viactiv Calcium Soft Chew in the morning with my smoothie — I’m partial to the caramel flavor (although my mom has said she’s kind of in love with the gummies), and they also come in milk chocolate (both regular and sugar free). They’re sweet and tasty (yes, there is a little sugar in there) and very easy to eat. Plus, they’re the no. 1 doctor-recommended calcium supplement chew, and, when taken twice daily, provide 100 percent of the daily value of calcium for most women plus vitamins D and K. They are intended to help achieve recommended daily dietary levels of these nutrients as a supplement to diet/food sources.

viactiv chewables

I kid you not, these Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews are pretty delicious.

This small change in my daily nutrition fits right in with the other small, self-care goals I’m setting, which, when all added together, is going to help me to be as healthy and happy as possible this year. Because, you know, I’ve got to have all my ducks in a row before I sign up for yet another crazy race …

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Be honest — how much calcium are you getting a day? Do you take supplements to get enough? Because, really, if I’m not getting enough calcium through diet alone, I’m going to be surprised if many other women are! Kristen

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