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My Birth Playlist: The Calming … and the Hilarious

By now, I’m sure I’ve had my baby. My goodness, I hope that I’ve had my baby! And, as I’m preparing to take a little time off for bonding, adjusting, not sleeping and getting my newborn snuggles in, I’ve written a few posts ahead of time that we can share while I enjoy said time away. This is one of those posts … my birth playlist! [Editor’s note: Jenn still hasn’t had her baby and yes, she’s READY!]

Unborn baby listening music in mother's belly

I love me some good tunes. In fact, what initially got me way into fitness and teaching group exercise classes back in the day was the cheesy pop music and the ability it gave me to wear a mic and dance about — ala Madonna on tour (at least in my head). And over the years, I’ve really gotten into music of all kinds. Not just the corny guilty pleasure tunes that make for a mean grapevine-step-touch combo (oh, yeah, baby), but the indie stuff, the old rock stuff, the R&B and generally just anything that fits a mood. So, naturally, when I was making my birth plan and envisioning the kind of experience I’d like to have, music was a part of it that had to be considered.

Granted, this is my first baby and childbirth experience and I have NO IDEA how I’ll respond. Who knows, maybe I’ll want total silence. Or whale sounds. Or Alice Cooper on heavy rotation. Whatever it is, I’ll flow with it. BUT, I have a feeling that I’ll want to hear some of these songs that I’ve compiled for not one but two birth playlists: one funny, one not. The funny one is filled with songs that are, well, funny. And you’ll see that they all relate to childbirth in one way or another (my personal faves are “Push It” and “Ring of Fire.”) The other non-funny birth playlist is filled with music that, corny as it sounds, fills my heart with joy and love. And reminds me that — holy crap — I’m bringing a life into the world.

Funny Birth Playlist

Calming Birth Playlist

Did you have a birth playlist? Listen to any tunes during birth? I also have a few radio stations queued up on Spotify that are good for relaxation, meditation or studying and feature mostly classical tunes, just in case I need something a bit more background. I figure between those options, I’ll be pretty set up no matter my mood. Unless, again, I just want quiet, in which case, that’s why electronics have an off button, right? Jenn

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