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5 Real FBGs: Fit Women Come in All Shapes and Sizes!


Last month we shared what 25 amazing, fit, beautiful and real women looked like. And it was such a success that we’re making it a regular feature here on FBG! We got so many inspiring and beautiful entries that we just had to keep sharing them. So, behold another five readers who show that “fit” is not one size fits all. Fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes — and ages and backgrounds and, well, everything!

1. Kristin


Just over two years ago this girl was waking up in a hospital unable to feel or move her feet. Terrified that life as she knew it was gone, wondering how on earth she was going to take care of her family. Today, this girl woke up before the sun, kissed the sleepy heads of her family as they wished her luck, and walked her second 5K in sunshine and pouring rain. So, just in case there is any doubt left in anyone’s mind … THIS GIRL CAN!!!

2. Annie


I love my body for its amazing ability to have grown my 5-year-old son and 2.5-year-old twin girls. I have found more strength in my body after having babies because I’ve seen what it’s capable of and know I can push it hard and love it and treat it well. I love weight lifting and fueling my body with clean healthy foods. I also love a good cheat meal every week! This picture was the day I had a photoshoot done to capture all my hard work of the past year. I had a goal to do a fun fitness shoot, and I did it and loved it and felt so beautiful and accomplished. My favorite thing about my body are my delts/shoulders and abs! I love a good challenge and pushing myself to accomplish goals!

3. Brandi


I think what I love most about myself is my will to keep going. I have a 1- and 2-year-old and have worked hard to get where I am. I’m not at my goal, but I will keep going. My favorite workouts include Blogilates, FitnessBlender and Jillian Michaels. I do not go to the gym at all! But I think YouTube is doing its job! I’m not super thin (I still jiggle when I move, lol) nor am I as muscular as I want to be, but I am real!

4. Autumn


I’m a busy mom who works from home. I try to make time each day for myself for fitness. I’m currently using the C25K app to get back to running 5Ks on a regular basis. I also add in Insanity or T25 workouts on the non-running days. I’m participating in the Avon 39 Walk for Breast Cancer this year, pushing myself to walk 39 miles in two days for a cure!

5. Faith


I lost 40 pounds in the past year by learning how to prepare healthy meals and mixing up cardio and strength-training workouts. I used to yo-yo diet a lot when I was younger and I had disordered eating habits, but learning how to cook has been a great advantage for me.

I went from barely being able to run a mile to running my first marathon, and I love it! Exercise has been a great way for me to manage my anxiety and work on self-discipline. My progress has been slow, but losing weight the right way has worked the best for me!

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    All of these women are so beautiful and inspiring!

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