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5 Things to Know Before Juicing

To keep your motivational mojo going, we here at FBG thought it would be fun to share the inside scoop on a few of our favorite things — from workouts to races to healthy eats. So if you’ve been wanting to try out a new healthy thing but are a bit intimidated or afraid to try it, have no fear, the What to Expect series is here!

You may recall that I bit the bullet and started juicing last year to prepare for eating an alkaline diet. While my butt will most surely twitch if I hear someone saying they’re juicing only to lose weight, I actually advocate for juicing when done to either prep the body for a change in diet or as an extra way to get nutrients along with your meals. That being said, I figured I’d walk you through what you can expect from juicing if done for three days. (My nutritionist, Emma, didn’t recommend anything longer, so forgive me. Going off of what I know from the pros!)


Juicing Tips for Beginners

1. You won’t be as hungry as you imagine. I know it sounds crazy, but the juices really will fill you up. I found myself dreading having to down another juice because I was still full from the last one.

2. You will experience detox symptoms. The headaches on day two! The headaches! I know some report worse symptoms, but I ate rather clean before the juicing so the true detox for me came from my caffeine intake. I won’t sugarcoat it; it’s an annoying side effect of juicing, but hang in there. It will pass!

3. You will feel a crazy amount of energy on day three. How I loved my day-three energy! It was almost like I developed super-hero powers. I had physical energy. I was alert. The world was just a groovy place to be. When that headache I warned you about hits, just think about that euphoric energy you’re about to be blessed with.

4. You’ll feel rested. Oh, the good sleep you will have! You’ll wake up more alert, too.

5. You won’t be able to work out while juicing. You heard me! You’re not getting the kind of nourishment needed to work out. My nutritionist recommended light to none; meaning walks are permitted but nothing more intense. Remember, you’re doing this to be kind to your body and prepare it for a new way of eating; not to harm your body into cruel weight-loss tactics.

Juicing, when done for the right reasons can help you change your mindset and welcome in a new and healthier diet. If you’re thinking you want to change things up in your diet, juicing can be a way to reset your habits. My suggestion: talk to a nutritionist before juicing so you know the correct ways to juice. When to have more fruity juices as opposed to when to have more vegetable ones will need to be discussed!

Pro juicers: Anything you’d add? —Tish

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