Easy and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

On-the-go a lot? Looking to refresh your usual a.m. eats? Here are eight healthy bites we’ve been noshing on in the mornings. They’re quick, tasty and great for shaking things up. So if you’ve been looking for some easy and healthy breakfast ideas, look no further!

8 Easy and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

1. Natural Valley Protein Oatmeal. Oatmeal is awesome as an easy and healthy breakfast idea, but if you’re looking to get more protein in your morning (as this research suggests!), it sure is convenient to have it all in one package (instead of adding a hard-boiled egg or adding in protein powder that may or may not mix well). And this oatmeal lets you do that! With 10 grams of protein in a single-serving container, it’s great to travel with (just ad boiling water or microwave) or keep in your desk as an anytime snack. 
2. Dena’s Fuel for Fitness Blueberry Orange Coconut Crackers. Ever thought of having crackers for breakfast? How about vegan ones that are gluten-free and all-natural with no added sugar? The ingredient lists on these are so clean (blueberries, pumpkin seeds, unsweetened shredded coconut, dates, orange juice, raisins, orange zest, vanilla, spices, sea salt and sesame seeds) — eat them on their own or smeared with a little nut butter for your next healthy breakfast!
3. Gluten-free Chex Granola Mix. Have you guys tried this stuff yet?! It’s amazingly delicious. Have it with your favorite milk, sprinkled on some Greek yogurt or simply by the handful for an easy and healthy breakfast idea. Oh, or make a batch of these energy balls on the weekend and nosh on them all week!
4. Choffy. Okay, so this isn’t exactly food, but it’s a drink and a delicious one at that. If you’re trying to drink less caffeine or coffee (and/or you’re a total chocolate addict), you’ve gotta try this stuff. We’ve written about it before (it won a Noshie!), but the Volta blend takes things up a notch. Made with 100 percent Ghanaian cacao, it’s so smooth and rich and fantastic. It goes great with any breakfast. 
5. Kickers. If you want to “kick things up a notch” with your breakfast, check out Kickers. Offered in a variety of flavors (Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana, Apple Cinnamon, Maple Banana Cream, Strawberry Banana), these all-natural fruit-based powders add lots of flavor to pretty much anything you normally have for breakfast. Think mixing them into pancake batter, grits, oatmeal,  yogurt … all the things! And with only 15 to 20 calories a serving, they pack a lot of flavor in without a lot of extra calories.
6. Van’s Granola. If you like your granola more chewy than crunchy, man, oh, man is this stuff for you. Gluten-free, soft-baked and chewy with lots of whole grains, it’s fantastic straight out of the bag or crumbled on Greek yogurt. Pair a little protein with it, and you are good to go. Both the Blueberry Walnut and Cranberry Almond flavors are crave-worthy and have an ingredient list you can pronounce!
7. Nature’s Path Organic Cereal. When you’re looking for a slightly sweet morning treat that’s still vegan and organic (with an list of ingredients you’ll actually recognize), check out Nature’s Path Organic Cereals — especially their Sunrise cereals. With flavors like Crunchy Maple and Crunchy Cinnamon that remain reasonably low on the sugar while still offering protein and fiber, it’s a tasty good decision.
8. Love Grown Foods Hot Oats. This company offers a variety of products I found myself falling for, but my top pick for flavor, ease and ingenuity was the Hot Oats (especially the apple cinnamon). They’re gluten-free, have just a few real, whole-food ingredients, are packed with flavor, and are the easiest way to make oatmeal in a hurry, like, ever — you just add water to the cup, stir, heat and eat. And it’s got enough good stuff (like fiber and protein!) to keep even an active, grown-ass lady like me full until lunch!
What other easy and healthy breakfast ideas would you add to our list? Let’s hear ’em! —Jenn & Kristen

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