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Giving My Belly a Reboot

Can a juice shot a day keep the doctor away?
I’m no stranger to having an unhappy tummy. I was diagnosed with IBS years and years ago, and the first thing the doctor prescribed me? Probiotics and fiber, in the form of pills. Which was great … except I hate taking pills. So, I mostly stick to eating plenty of yogurt and not too much ice cream (a real trigger for me, sadly), and it’s usually fine, or close to it (although when it’s not — well, I’ve vowed a couple of times in the last few months that I was never eating again due to the horrific belly pain).
That being said, I like drinking things that taste good, so when I learned about the GoodBelly 12 Day Belly Reboot, I was intrigued, to say the least, and definitely willing to give it a shot.
belly reboot
Here’s the scoop: GoodBelly offers a range of dairy-free beverages containing live and active probiotic cultures, including Lactobacillus plantarum 299v, which is the good bacteria your gut needs in order to fire on all cylinders. They have cartons if you like to sip on it by the glass, as well as a few different types of individually packaged shots (which are recyclable — awesome!). I stuck to the Pomegranate Blackberry PlusShots for my 12 Day Belly Reboot.
First off, the taste was great, and because the shots are so little, it wasn’t difficult at all to toss one back each morning, and when added to a smoothie, they gave it a little extra sweetness. But even cooler is the website for the 12 Day Belly Reboot, which not only gives you the lowdown on what you might expect to see changing each day, but also helps you track your eats and how your belly is feeling so you can get a better idea of what foods make you feel great and which ones really don’t. (Sorry, ice cream. I still love you!)
Now, to be fully transparent, I have to say that I wasn’t experiencing any gastro issues right before I did this, so it’s not like I got a few days in and had a belly breakthrough. But, I did feel great the whole way through and found the experience WAY more pleasant than choking down a pill.
Are you more likely to take a pill — or drink something for your health? —Kristen

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  1. daniella says:

    What really works for me are two products from Arbonne. 1- Fiber boost, which i blend into my morning smoothie (or sprinkle in my scrambled eggs). 2-Digestive Plus, which i mix in with my morning water. Full disclosure, I’m an Arbonne consultant. But it was products like these that made me want to share them with more people

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