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How Often Your Kids Should Floss (and Other Baby Teeth Tips)

baby-teeth-585I’m currently waiting for my almost 7-month-old’s first teeth to come in. The drooling has ramped up, the gnawing on objects has begun in earnest, and I’m ready for those little pearly whites to poke through and make that gummy grin even MORE adorable. What I’m not ready for is adding one more task to the daily childcare list: tooth brushing. I hate the tooth brushing task because while you’re supposed to start brushing as soon as those first teeth come in, I always forget until after the baby has gone down for the night — and you know I’m not going to go wake up a sleeping baby — so I end up feeling super guilty. It seems like it’s not until the sixth or so tooth has come in that it finally sinks in that Baby Has Teeth and I Must Brush.

When it comes to dental care, babies are easy enough. They can’t put up a fight. But if you’ve ever wondered how you can make your toddler kiddo more agreeable when it comes to dental care or  how often you really need to floss baby teeth, watch this video for tips from a dentist.

Can’t see the video? Click here for tips straight from the dentist. 

I must say, I have found that giving kids options and letting them pick out toothpaste and their toothbrushes at the store helps immensely in the tooth brushing battle. Turns out character toothbrushes are really good at convincing kids to cooperate!

Anyone else surprised to hear that juice was okay for teeth? I know I was! —Erin



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  1. I really liked your tip to give children options when it comes to the type of toothbrush and toothpaste that they want to use to make brushing their teeth easier. My child seems to enjoy flossing, but I have trouble getting him to brush his teeth everyday. He doesn’t seem to like the toothbrush that he uses, so I should follow your advice and allow my son choose a new toothbrush that he would rather use.

  2. Great article, Erin! I recently had a baby, so I’m trying to figure out how to maintain his dental health; it isn’t an easy job! When my baby is old enough to brush his teeth, I’ll be sure to follow your suggestion by letting them choose their toothbrush. I’ve heard that I should be rubbing my child’s gums—before he grows teeth—to promote dental health. Do you know if that’s something I should do?

    1. Erin says:

      Not completely sure! I imagine that would just be to instill the habit of gum/tooth care every day! I’m lazy until the first tooth actually sprouts!

  3. Alen Clintoff says:

    Useful tips for moms!

  4. Lara Carey says:

    Babies are more fragile and take a replacement of permanent teeth after a period of time. But we need to invest a good root for the teeth. Flossing is important as brushing as I have heard. Perfectly written with important points to follow.

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