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March Madness Basketball Workout (No Skill Required!)

basketball workout

Are you feeling all kinds of motivated with March Madness and the insane amount of awesome basketball that comes with it? Every year around this time, I find myself wanting to hit the court to see if any of my mad skillz have survived the test of time. And this year, I decided to get out there early … and make it into a March Madness basketball workout! Woot! Boom! In yo’ face! Erm, I mean, let’s go! (Sorry. This sport brings out the trash talker in me.)

I grabbed a very tall partner to help me out — thanks Jared! — and while many of the moves are great with a workout buddy, I also gave you a few options in case you’re less into the 1-on-1 and prefer to play solo.

FBG Basketball Workout (for March Madness or Any Time!)

What you’ll need: Basketball, basketball hoop, a bit of open space. Partner is optional.

What you’ll do: Watch the video below to see (and get a few extra details below). If you finish up and still have time and energy, do the full circuit again!

Defensive shuffle: Down to a specific point and back. Stay low!

Rebounding drill: Try to catch and throw the ball in the air, but if you can’t, that’s okay! Just keep jumping.

Squat and dribble: We always called this the Spider Drill — if you’ve got some ball-handling skills, try dribbling twice in front, twice behind, and repeat about a million times. If you aren’t exactly a point guard, just stay low and dribble a bit to keep your hands occupied.

Lines: If you’ve got a court, use the lines to run down and back three times, going progressively farther away with each trip. If you don’t have lines, just choose a landmark. This is a sprint!

Partner roll-up or V-up: Take your time with this — although the video is sped up, speed is not the goal here. Exercise control!

Twists: Be sure to engage that core!

Burpees: Only do these on the ball if you feel stable — if that’s not comfortable, regular burpees are great. Modify as needed, and if you’ve got some ups left in you, be sure to jump at the top!

Lay-up drill: Have fun with this! If you don’t know how to do a lay-up, just bounce the ball against the backboard. The idea here is to hustle and get that heart rate up. (This drill seemed a whole lot harder than it did when I was 16!)

Shoot around! This is just for fun, so have a blast. Remember, it’s called playing ball, so get in a game of Horse or 21, practice a few free throws (what? I think it’s fun), or see how many 3-pointers you’ve got in you. Make sure to celebrate when you make it!

What are some of your favorite basketball-related exercises or drills? Lightning was my all-time favorite game, but I’m also a huge fan of the no-dribble three-man drill. Kristen

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