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Maternity Style Must-Haves

As I’ve mentioned, I am a lover of all things fashion — clothes, accessories, make-up, you name it! I love it all. I am a product of my mom who instilled in me that a woman can always make her day better by putting on some diamonds and pearls and a little mascara. While my belly grows, so does my need to style it! It can be hard to feel stylish when you’re in your third trimester, but every mom-to-be needs her maternity staples. And don’t forget that your closets have some hidden treasures too. Here are my maternity must-haves.


Maternity Must-Haves

1. Leggings. Through much trial and error, I have fallen deeper and deeper in love with my over-the-belly BeMaternity Black Legging from Target. They are priced right and if you keep an eye on their cartwheel app, you can snag them for a temporary discounted rate! These leggings are thicker and not see through, which was an issue I had with some other name brands. They can be dressed up or down, used for a night out with some boots or a walk with some gym shoes.

2. Tank tops. You can never have enough! I love the cotton with the ruched sides from Gap as well as the BeMaternity tank tops from Target. These are a bit thicker than the cotton and look nicer for dressing up. The cotton are relaxed and so comfortable and go with ANYTHING! I prefer to layer these as the white tends to thin out after a number of washes.

3. Maternity dresses. Keep it simple and comfortable. Liz Lange Maternity (Target) seems to hit a home run every time! I find that fitting is most appropriate for the cold weather months. Lock the heat in! Liz Lange Maternity painty hose are comfortable and come over the belly too, nicely paired!

4. Chambray top. Just one is all you need. Jean and leggings are a hit! Add long pearls or a big statement necklace and BINGO! Boots by day and small wedges by night and you’re one hot mama!

5. Maternity jeans. Personally, I feel one pair is all you need. I am a sucker for the ripped jean look. It’s not super practical for cold days, but who needs practical when you can be flawless?

6. Long cardigans. I am a fan of a warm tushy when I’m cold, so a nice long cardigan does the trick. Even if it’s from college, don’t worry, everything comes back from our past at some point! If it’s a solid pattern cardigan, pair a patterned eternity scarf with it to add some jazz!

7. Relaxed blazer jackets. A sophisticated look with a statement necklace draws command in any room. A little roll of the sleeves and slight pop of the color makes you feel camera ready!

8. Oversized sweatshirt. Move on from your closet to your spouses. Take an old college sweatshirt, hang it off one shoulder and give the sleeves a push up your arms. Add dainty earrings and a big bright watch. Boots are fun but make yourself known with some neon gym shoes.

9. T-shirts. Stay in your spouse’s closet and pull out a big V-neck. Pair it with your jeans and some cozy pumps. Add a small, bright colored handbag and loose curls. Now strike a pose!

Accessory Must-Haves

As with any wardrobe, staples are important, but accessories are what will help change the outfit up. I like to focus on necklaces and bracelets. Stack those babies up! If I could wear a wrist full of bracelets up to my elbows without judgement, I would. It’s not exactly practical for my everyday toddler-pleasing life, but just thinking about it makes me smile! Not everyone enjoys the attention the belly draws, so allow some pop of color into these rather dreadful winter months to give them something to talk about. Throw in a brighter colored bag, or some high tube socks over your leggings that peek out over your boots! Look through your closet for these outfit toppers.

10. Scarves. You can never have too many, be bold! Mix two eternity scarves together, a solid and a pattern. There is no reason why we can’t stack those too! Bring it on!

11. Statement necklaces. I love my Courtney Bib from BaubleBar and layer it with a set of pearls from time to time, leave it plain or add a thin single statement necklace of a color to it.

12. Bracelets. The more the merrier! I am a sucker for Alex and Ani bracelets. I love to mix my metals; Gold, Silver and Rose gold.

13. Watch. Not to tell the time of course, just to pair nicely with your bracelets (wink). I switch off wearing it with a large stack of bracelets on my arm to a more relaxed, single bracelet dainty look. I reach pretty quick for my gold Michael Kors watch, but have a daily wear that my husband gifted me that is typically permanently on my wrist.

14. Ponytail holders. They’re more of an accessory than you think! A thick side braid pairs great especially with a sweatshirt or chambray shirt look! I love the thin elastic bands from Goodie; I’m pretty sure I’ve been wearing these since my tutu days!

15. Knee-high tube socks. These are also referred to as boot socks. They are oh-so-warm and stylish too! I like to wear them in all colors to break up my “always in black” habit. It’ll add some nice contour and give those daily leggings a different look.

16. Boots. Pregnancy can bring a little bit of swelling. I found that investing in a good boot that has an expanded calf has been a game changer! I’m currently rocking the Hunter Adjustable Back Boot. You can purchase a fleece insert (like a sock) lining to insulate it for cold weather.

These are just a few of my must-haves for a bit of pregnancy style. I’d love to hear what you absolutely cannot go without in your maternity wardrobe. Fill me in!Jennifer

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