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23 Thoughts New Moms Have

Being a new mom is quite the adventure. All cliches aside (and, man, those cliches exist for a reason — it really is hard, awesome and filled with spit-up, diapers and sleepless nights), it’s kind of a big roller coaster. One day (or, heck, hour) you feel like you are super mom hear you roar (Dinner is made! Laundry is done! Baby is happy!), and the next it’s like this tiny — albeit cute — little creature has wrecked any semblance of your previously sane life (We have no food! We have no clean clothes! Baby is crying … WHY?!). Life as a new mom is filled with highs, lows, laughter, tears and so, so, SO many thoughts. Here are 23 I’ve had, about 246 times now that I’m a month in …


  1. Wow. Didn’t realize you could [insert common household activity: load dishwasher, fold laundry, get dressed, eat, etc.] one-handed.
  2. Baby is happy, sleeping and I am Wonder Woman!
  3. Baby is unhappy and crying for no reason. I am at a complete loss.
  4. How is it already 2 p.m.?
  5. How is it only 2 p.m.?
  6. It’s 2 a.m. YAWN.
  7. I can do this.
  8. I need help.
  9. What I wouldn’t give for a long, hot uninterrupted shower.
  10. Look at those feet! And hands! And eyelashes! And ears!
  11. Just tell me what you need, child. I’ll do it!
  12. I created a person. Wow.
  13. Look at how cute she is in that onesie …
  14. How does this baby go through more outfits than a Kardashian?!
  15. Four hours of sleep. Hallelujah!
  16. I need a coffee IV.
  17. But I just changed you …
  18. But I just fed you …
  19. Maybe a [car ride, walk in the stroller, swaddle, etc.] will help.
  20. Two words: baby snuggles.
  21. Hardest job ever.
  22. Best job ever.
  23. I didn’t know this much love was possible.

As a new mom, what thoughts have you/had you have? I know I’ve had more, but mom brain has robbed them from my memory. Jenn

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