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5 Real FBGs: What Fit Really Looks Like


Need a reminder that fitness comes in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds? Yep, we’ve got you covered because these five beautiful readers are proof that “fit” is not one size fits all! And that’s what makes the beautiful world go round. Prepare to get inspired! (And see all the Real FBGs here!)

1. Kim


The girl on the left is me. Circa 2007. I was full of “I will nevers” and “I can’ts.” Whether it was walking around the block or taking a short hike (in YOSEMITE), I tricked myself into thinking that I didn’t want to so that I wouldn’t have to face the truth that I couldn’t. It was easier to say “I won’t” than to admit I was scared. It was easier to say “that’s not my thing” than to admit I had a real life-threatening problem.

I was obese.

Almost 6-foot tall, 320 pounds (I think). Thirty-five-years-old with a little baby, I hit my bottom. Every bone in my body hurt. I couldn’t sit on the floor and play with my baby because I literally was too fat to get up off the floor.

One day I decided it was time.

I knew I would never go to the gym (see above) and I knew I would never eat healthy consistently (see above also), so I decided to have lapband surgery. I lost 60 pounds and felt better … well better than better. But then it stopped. The feeling better, that is. My weight crept back up. Because while I could portion-control because of the band, I was still stuck in the “I will never” mindset and still didn’t think I could go to the gym.

When 5 pounds turned into 10 pounds, which turned into gaining 20 pounds, I knew that I had to take my “I will never” and turn it in to “I will try.”

And I joined a gym.

Fast forward 6 years to the girl on the right.

I run 5Ks with my soon-to-be 7-year-old. I lift weights (heavy weights). I spend three to four hours a week on an elliptical. I do 200 crunches five times a week. I love jumping. And mountain climbers. And taking long walks. The girl who said “I will never walk around the block” now walks 6 miles twice a week.

The only “I will never” I utter these days is this:

“I will never stop caring about my health again. I will never let my excuses and my fear control my life.”

I LOVE the me that I am because I fought so hard to become her.

2. Shelby


Thanks for reaching out about pics from your fans. What fun. I’m adding some to the pile — plus a snapshot of me in Missoula’s First Naked Bike Ride (just for office laughs).

3. Kaycee


My first trail run 5K and I came in third in my age division.


Hiking Pinnacle Mountain on the tougher side.

I wrote about this very issue in my blog post about stereotypes, and I love that you guys are starting this movement. I was once so intimidated by fitness because I was so worried about how I looked as the fat girl trying to get fit. Once I conquered those fears, I realized that fitness is not defined by size. I lift weights, I take spinning classes, I run 5Ks, I hike mountains, and I shake my groove thing in Zumba. Once I finally let go of the stereotype that I was holding myself to, I realized that there is really nothing I can’t do.

4. Cassie


What I love about myself is my motivation because it drives me to fulfill my goals. When I was diagnosed with epilepsy in sixth grade, I realized I could not play any sports because of seizure episodes. This motivated me to start being active on my own, whether it was going to the gym, working out at home or running! Now I love starting my mornings with Pilates, then running with my dog if I have the time! It’s not about having the perfect body or weighing a certain number, but taking care of your body and loving it for every step of the challenge.

5. Jade


What I love most about myself is my artistic talents. Physically, I love my butt. 😀 My favorite workouts would have to be ToneItUp Love Your Body with Kettlebells video. It always kicks me into gear and tires me out. Second fave is Kettletoning that I can never get through. I am roughly 5-foot 9-inches, 150 pounds. I work out three times a week or try to, lol.

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