No Pockets in Your Yoga Pants? No Problem

smartphonepocket-585During pregnancy and the postpartum period, you become accustomed to wearing stretchy pants. I basically lived in yoga pants for the first few months postpartum — and let’s be honest, even now, almost eight months post baby three. Some of it is that I’m too lazy for real pants. But some of it is the opposite of laziness: I wear them to increase the likelihood of working out. It often works.

The problem with a lot of stretchy pants? No pockets. And considering the ubiquity of the smartphone, most of us always have one on us, particularly because we want to be able to snap adorable pictures of our kiddos on a whim. It’s annoying always misplacing my phone, having to tuck it into my waistband and hope for the best, or stowing it in my sports bra. But now a super simple yet genius product lets you create pockets where you need them. The Smartphone Pocket ($21.95 for a 3-pack) is a cloth pocket that can be ironed into your waistband, making it easy to keep your phone close at hand while working out or doing other activities. So whether your favorite pair of running tights has a too-small pocket for your large smartphone or your favorite pair of yoga pants is sans pocket altogether, you can now easily put one where you need it.

I got a couple of Smartphone Pockets to try, and it took longer for me to heat up my iron than it did for me to affix one to the right spot. The pair of capris in question already had a pocket, but it was in the back over the butt and not at all convenient for my constant phone grab. I simply attached the pocket with the paperclips the pocket came with to test out where I wanted the pocket to go, and once I had the right spot, pulled off the adhesive and got to ironing. Just 90 seconds later (plus time to cool) and I had pants with a handy pocket right where I wanted it.

The pocket can hold your phone, credit card, photo ID or gym membership card, and it’s made of moisture-wicking material. A Velcro tab lets you set the height of your phone: you can either tuck it completely in the pocket or have it set slightly above your waistline so you can access it easily. It fits most smartphones and was perfect for mine. It lies flat and looks discreet, too.

The only drawback to the product? It’s not even a product fault, actually. It’s just that if you need to iron high-tech material that isn’t supposed to be ironed, the heat may mark the fabric. For me, having ever so slightly marred fabric at the waistband that no one will even see was a small, small price to pay for the convenience of the product.

How do you handle your phone when you don’t have pockets?Erin

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  1. Deb E says:

    A great product I’m going to pin and get! Believe it or not, I put it in my bra temporarily since I’m, um, wider set and especially with sports bras, have a little gap there. I really have to smoosh them to get cleavage, ha, ha, so it works but this pocket is so much better!

  2. personally… I can’t live without my patented PortaPocket! I’m a yoga pants loving, gym-going mamma and what’s unique about PortaPocket is that it’s mobile, yet wearable, so can move them around and out of your way while you’re doing different things. That way you don’t have to commit to putting it in only one spot if that spot will eventually be an issue while you’re going about your business (as in using different machines at the gym, for example). Plus, this way you can move them form outfit to outfit, and swap the pocket sizes to accommodate what you need at any given time. Try it, with an open mind. I guarantee it’ll change your life. xox