Walking With Luck


Dogs have got it figured out. They don’t run, play and generally move their furry little bodies because they have to. Daily exercise for our canine companions is not a study in tedium or a necessary chore; it’s a thing to celebrate.

For my dog Lucky (aka Luck, Lou, Lucky Lou, Lubus, the Lubasonic — wow, us dog owners are a weird sort) an invitation to walk will never go unanswered. And, according to Luck — every walk is awesome! Today’s doesn’t pale in comparison to yesterday’s — they’re all good — every stinking last one of them.

And, trust me. There are a lot of them.

If you lack the impetus to get off your backside, get yourself to the pound or a shelter ASAP. There is absolutely no better motivator than a dog. Expert at manipulation, their liquid brown eyes have the power to entice the idlest of souls up and off that couch.

Sure, dogs have their moments of downtime, but all you’ve got to do is ask and (a couple of stretches later — see how smart they are) they are rip-roaring, ready to go. Check out this video to see me rounding up Lucky for a walk. You can’t fake this kind of enthusiasm.

Let’s hear from the dog owners out there! Have you logged miles with your pet? Fortunately, Lucky doesn’t care to go out on rainy days! —Karen


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