Workout I Did: Hit the Track

When I was growing up, I lived within a stone’s throw of my high school. I could hear the band practice the fight song, the football practice fields ended at the corner of my backyard, and the stadium lights lit up our street on game nights. This meant that the track and tennis courts were just a quick warm-up jog away, and I spent a lot of time running the track, running the stairs and turning the sand pits into a spot to do short jump practice (because I wouldn’t necessarily call it “long jump”). I guess you could say I have a bit of a nostalgic soft spot for the track and track workouts.

One of the good things about track workouts (great for the “Back on Track” Fit Bottomed Challenge this month, eh?) is that it’s easy to know exactly how far you ran without having to map your run or use a GPS watch. The bad part? Because you’re just going around and around and around, it can be a little boring. That’s why I came up with this track workout to beat boredom. It incorporates some intervals to help you pick up the pace and a few other boredom busters throughout. Plus, it’s great because it can be modified to your level (or even if you don’t have a nearby track). If you’re a walker, walk and walk faster during intervals. If you’re a runner, push yourself during the intervals. Depending on your fitness level and ability to run longer distances, you can add more laps and more stairs as you wish!


Hit the Track Workout

Lap 1: 

Walk to warm up.

Lap 2: 

Pick up the pace. Push yourself during straights and slow it down on the curves.


Find stairs and run up and down a few times (this all depends on how big your stadium is — it’s your call!). No bleachers? Do step-ups on a bench or do walking lunges.

Lap 3: 

Maintain your steady pace. During this lap, do high knees for 100 yards (or until you need to slow it down!).


Hit your stairs again. No bleachers? Do step-ups on a bench or do walking lunges.

Lap 4-5: 

Maintain your steady pace. Push yourself during straights; slow it down on the curves.


Hit your stairs/step-ups/walking lunges.

Lap 6: 

Walk for a cool down.

Optional: Go for a long/short jump if you’ve got an open sand pit.

Ever hit up your local track? I don’t do it nearly as much as I used to when I had a track close, but whenever I do, I seem to do some version of this workout! —Erin

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