5 Workouts and Activities to Do With Your Mom

Yo, yo! Today we are excited to announce an exciting new series of guest posts from some of the awesome fitness professionals at BeFiT. About each month, these good folks will be bringing you tips, workouts and more to help you be your fittest! Such as this post with all the fun activities you can do with mom this Mother’s Day from Sydney Benner.


About Syndey Benner

Sydney is in the business of making people feel happy from the inside out. She is a dancer, yogi, runner, hiker, and most importantly, a teacher. Named as one of the best LA Barre Instructors on RateYourBurn.com, she proudly teaches 15 Flight, Barre and Yoga classes a week all over Los Angeles. In 2014, Sydney created her own technique called Flight (WeAreFlight.com), fusing dance, yoga, cardio and fitness to custom electronic dance music tracks, which takes place in dance clubs with a live DJ! Clips of her DVD have launched on the BeFit channel. Sydney can be seen as a yoga instructor on BobHarper.com and was featured on the Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules DVD series and the Indo Board Yoga DVD. Sydney is also the founder of BennerFit.com, a health and fitness blog featuring inspirational workouts along with healthy recipes and fashion tips. In May of 2014, Sydney launched Yoga/Dance Fusion on Lionsgate’s BeFit channel together with YouTube.com/BennerFit.com. And get ready for more to come! She shot her own Fitness and Lifestyle show for Ulive.com sharing her favorite exercises, recipes and more. Sydney has her BA in Dance from California State University Long Beach and has a multitude of fitness certifications from Barre, to RYT and more.

5 Workouts and Activities to Do With Your Mom


Mother’s Day is here and what a wonderful time to celebrate your mom, aunt, friend or anyone who has made a special and nurturing impact on your life. Flowers and treats are nice, but what about a healthy activity the two of you or a few of you can do together? I think doing activities together creates special memories. Plan on trying one or two of them this Mother’s Day.

1. Long walk. It’s springtime and being outside is a perfect place to be. Walk outside and watch the sunrise together, walk around your neighborhood, on the beach or around a lake. It’s a peaceful way to burn calories and spend time with a special lady.

2. Healthy cooking class. Food plays an enormous role into how we look and feel. It is easy to dive into a bag of chips, but what about making something together where you get to see and taste every ingredient? Plus, when a chef is assisting you to prepare a dish, it’s sure to taste amazing! Not up for going to a cooking class? No problem! Pick an entrée, salad or smoothie theme, each of you bring five items to your meeting place and create your delicious meal together. Surprise each other with the five items brought to the kitchen; you might find you share similar tastes. It’s silly, healthy, quick and fun!

3. Pretend you are a kid again! Most kids have bundles of energy, and I’m sure you once did, too. I loved playing games like hide-and-go-seek and Red Rover, but my favorite was Freeze Dance. Grab siblings, friends, mom, aunt and dad, pick out your mom’s favorite songs, put them on a playlist and play Freeze Dance! Silly? Yes! Fun? Definitely! Being a kid is carefree and beautiful. You and mom will be burning calories while laughing and getting your groove on!

4. Take a group fitness class together. Group fitness classes can be intimidating for a lot of people, but pick an activity both you and your mama are comfortable doing. A beginner yoga class, group Pilates class or even try one of my workout events that take place in a club (side note: my mom has done it)! Yes, you and your mom can go clubbing on a Saturday morning! What? YES, amazing! If you are in the Los Angeles area, head to BennerFit.com for updates on the next event. You can to check out clips of my workout on youtube.com/befit and youtube.com/bennerfit.

5. Work out in your living room. Making the time to work out can be difficult, but it’s not impossible, and you and mom deserve to feel good. Before you take on Mother’s Day, why don’t you work out together at home? There are endless amounts of workouts to choose from online that are non-intimidating and actually super fun! Head to my YouTube channel — with more than 100 workouts to choose from, you are sure to burn calories and feel good!

Do you like to get active with your mom? What’s your favorite family workout? —Sydney Benner

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  1. Cassie says:

    I love grocery shopping and talking with my mom! Can’t wait for Mother’s Day!