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6 New-Mom Beauty Must-Haves

New moms and moms of little ones, I’m sure you can relate to this: “Beauty routine” kind of has a whole new meaning than it did pre-kids. I mean, before, showering was just a thing you did. Make-up was kind of fun. But now? Well, I don’t know about you, but an uninterrupted long shower feels kind of like heaven. And if you have the time to do your hair and put on make-up? Well, honey, high-five (and a big thanks to whoever gave you that time to yourself!). With that in mind, here are six beauty-relatedproducts that are making my life just a little easier — and bringing a touch more glamour to my life as a new mom.


1. SheaMoisture’s Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Healing Lotion

My best friend’s mom (Hi, Sue!) gave me this lotion and it is AMAZEBALLS. It’s all-natural, smells great, deeply moisturizes and you can put it on baby — and yourself. I don’t know about you, but having one product for the both of you instead of another bottle hanging around (seriously, babies have so much stuff!)? Genius.

2. Degree Dry Spray

I was prepared for a lot of things to change in my body after having my baby. But, er, body odor and wetness that rivaled any dude’s even just a couple of hours after a shower? Welp, I didn’t expect that. And I was honestly embarrassed by it (even though it’s apparently totally common)! Which is why I love this new spray deodorant. It’s my first time using a deodorant spray, and it’s so cool and refreshing and instantly dries my not-so-dry armpits. I still have to apply it once in the morning and once at night, but it’s by far the best solution to my hormone-related stinkiness and wetness I’ve found thus far.

3. Būband

Another fun side effect of baby? Boobs! So. Much. Boob. And now that I’m back to working out, er, these boobs are the move — and in a way that’s not exactly comfortable when jumping and running. (Seriously, my first time back at the gym I had to hold my boobs during box jumps and face away from the room — because, um, holding your boobs isn’t exactly part of the exercise.) But with the Būband — which is a stretchy strap you put at the top of your boobs over your normal sports bra — you minimize the bounce and get support. And because it goes above and not over the nipples, it keeps my breastfeeding boobs happy, too. (Can I say “boobs” one more time in a description? Ha, just did!)

4. ellovi Tinted Lip Balm

I used to be a HUGE lip gloss girl — with tons of shades to choose from. Now, I pretty much just grab whatever I find first in my bag that’ll moisturize my lips. BUT, ellovi Tinted Lip Balm moisturizes and lightly gives your lips some color at the same time. I can’t say that I always have it within arm’s reach (the only thing I can say is true of that is the baby and pacis!), but I store one stick of this stuff in my office and one in the bathroom. Between those two spots, I pretty darn often have nice and moisturized lips with a little pop of color. Even if it’s just the baby and I who see it during most of the day, I don’t care. It makes me feel pretty. And with the amount of spit-up I’ve encountered lately, believe me, I NEED TO FEEL PRETTY.

5. Microsoft Band

How is a high-tech fitness tracker a must-have beauty product you ask? Well, there are a million things I love about the Microsoft Band (synchs texts and calendar from your phone, heart-rate tracker, GPS, step-counter, etc.), but the cool beauty perk about it is that it measures UV levels. So when I’m outside with baby and pup for a walk, I can see exactly how much UV exposure we’re getting and either put more layers on us (well, baby and I, not the dog — she has her own built-in furry UV protection) or grab sunscreen. Love. It.

6. Nursing Tanks at Target

If you’re breastfeeding, you know just how imperative it is to have easy access to the boobs (I said it again!) at all times. And while I do adore (they’re seriously the best) my soft and seamless Cake nursing bras, it’s hard to beat the nursing tanks at Target. With a built-in bra, they’re the perfect thing to throw on in the morning, layer with a cardigan or jacket and get on with your breastfeeding self. Plus, they’re pretty forgiving on the post-baby bod. Erin and I both swear by them (and have accidentally bought matching ones)!

New moms: what other must-haves make you feel more beautiful? Or, at the very least, less stinky? —Jenn

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