Friday Giveaway: Element DVDs

element-585So you’re not an indoor walker. And maybe you don’t want to dance it off. But maybe this is the giveaway for you! Today we’ve got seven of the best mind/body DVDs for you to get your pretty little paws on. There’s Element Pilates, yoga, barre, belly dance and more yoga. If you like your workouts a little more mat- and mind-oriented, this is the ticket. To enter, just let us know which one of these you think would float your boat the most, and a random winner will win the whole she-bang!

What are you waiting for? You know you want to stretch your body and open your mind with these best-sellers — worth over $100! Winners will be chosen in about a week; U.S. residents only, please!

What are you most excited to try? Personally, I need more yoga in my life right now. —Erin


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  1. At first I would say the bellydancing but to shake things up I would say barre conditioning. That one would atleast make me think i was taking ballet like i wanted to when i was younger.

  2. I love yoga, but I’ve been wanting to do more barre. I took a class while I was traveling last year and I loved it. There aren’t any barre classes where I live, so a DVD would be great!

  3. BARRE! I just moved and there are no studios close by, so a DVD would be a great alternative!

  4. I would love to try the Barre and Belly Dance, but then again I’ve never tried Yoga and I hear it’s amazing so I’m game for anything that will help with stress, toning this old body, and be a positive addition to my daily life!

  5. I’ve been really wanting to try the Barre workout! My whole body could use some conditioning…LOL!

  6. i do hot yoga now but more is always good! I’ve always wanted to try belly dancing:) Im up for anything that works the body:)

  7. I take Barre Classes- Barre is Awesome! I’m going for the Belly dance tho – never tried it.

  8. I love yoga and Pilates, but I have never tried a belly dance workout! It sounds fun and I bet it would work great!

  9. I would love the Yoga for Strength and Flexibility! I miss my strong body and I’ve always wished I was more flexible because I am not at all! I can’t even touch my own toes!! >.<

  10. Belly dancing!! I’m a yoga teacher, so I’m also really excited to do all of the yoga DVDs and learn some new stuff – so much to learn from each teaching style! But belly dancing is the one I have no experience with, so I’d be pleased to get a chance to try it out 😀

  11. Barre conditioning most definitely! I use to be in dance when I was in high school and absolutely loved everything about it…especially ballet and the barre and the amazing workouts it gives you. I’ve also been wanting to get into Yoga and Pilates more, so this package really stood out to me. 🙂

  12. Pilates! Just moved 2k miles away from home and miss my Pilates classes. Haven’t been able to find a place that meets my needs 🙁

  13. I love yoga DVDs, but the Belly Dance looks super fun to try! That’s something I would only try out home alone!

  14. I always love a good Yoga workout but I’ve never tried Barre and would really like to give it a go.

  15. wow they all look so funn! I think the belly dance workout sounds the most exciting to me. I’ve taken belly dance classes and since I love working out it would be the perfect combo for me

  16. Although I’m going to need the stress relief after July (my second little one is due July 7th), I’ve always wanted to try Belly Dancing!

  17. i would love to try the yoga and the belly dancing these would be amazing to try ty for this chance

  18. I would want the 5 day yoga the most because I like having a workout setup for everyday of the week.

  19. Daily yoga would be great, I need to work de stressing back into my day with working nights as a nurse.

  20. I would love the daily yoga and the strength and flexibility for low back & knee pain. 🙂

  21. do I have to choose just one?! Pilates, yoga or barre! Something to help me sweat and tone as I start my weight loss journey.

  22. All of them would be amazing. I love yoga and Pilates, and I heard Barre is an amazing workout so that one I would most excited about 🙂