May Fit Bottomed Challenge Week 2: We Become What We Repeatedly Do

Congrats on making it to Week 2 of the May Fit Bottomed Challenge*! As y’all know, the theme is Back on Track, and, really, getting back on track is about getting those healthy habits back in your life. After all, getting all pumped up and uber motivated is great for the short-term, but it’s creating habits out of the basics of healthy living that help make being Fit Bottomed a lifetime thang. So with that said, here’s a little inspiration for your week! Feel free to save it, print it and/or share it here, there or everywhere! (And do so with #FBGChallenge and you can win free stuff like Kaycee did!)


And, as you might have expected, this week we’re building on a lot of what we did last week, so that you can start getting those habits on and popping!

What to Expect This Week of the Fit Bottomed Challenge: May 11-17

Monday, May 11: Mom told you to eat your veggies, and she was right! Not only are they nutritious, but they’re filling and super-duper delicious when roasted. So today we want you to set a goal to eat at least two-plus more servings of veggies than usual each day for this entire week. Whether it’s in a green smoothie at breakfast or raw veggies as a snack or a big-ass salad for lunch or dinner (or all of the above!), you can do it! And once you do, it just might become a — wait for it — habit!

Tuesday, May 12: Feel the love today by writing yourself a love letter. Grab a piece of paper and a pen (or go digital on your computer or phone) and write “I love you because … ” and then just let the words flow. Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation or even making sense. Just write down all the reasons and traits (physical and not) why you rock and are totally unconditionally lovable!

Wednesday, May 13: You know that 15-minute AMRAP workout you did last week? (Reminder: As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of: 10 tricep dips, 10 push-ups, 10 squats.) Well, it’s time to do it again — and it’s time to try to beat the number you wrote down!

Thursday, May 14: One habit that’ll keep you healthy for life? Only eating when you’re truly hungry. Brush up on how to do it here.

Friday, May 15: You did this Balance Workout once last week, and now we want you to do it two times! Again, building a little each time and creating habits — and results — through repetition!

Saturday, May 16: Last week you did 20 minutes of fartleks — and maybe cracked an immature joke or two. This week we challenge you to do 25 minutes of fartleks! And, you know, make some more jokes.

Sunday, May 17: You know those five workouts you brainstormed last week would come back, didn’t ya? Yep! Pick one of those workouts you want to try, find a place/way to try it, and then call a friend and make plans to do it next Sunday!

What can you do repeatedly more of to be healthier? I sooo need to set a habit to cut up some raw veggies on a Sunday and snack on them all week long!Jenn

*First time hearing about the Fit Bottomed Challenge? The challenges are totally free and each day we’ll give you a little something to do that’ll help you to be fitter, healthier and more awesome. Download and/or print the full May 2015 calendar here. And if you need a little more help figuring out how the Fit Bottomed Challenge works and why we created it, be sure to read this handy dandy page.

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  1. Cassie says:

    Roasted veggies are AMAZING!! Also, I think I’ll incorporate more resistance band training into my workouts. It’s such a great piece of equipment!