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Meet 5 Fit and Awesomely Real FBGs


In what is now a monthly feature here on FBG (you guys were just so damn awesome that we had to keep sharing your stories and photos!), we give you this month’s Real FBGs. AKA: Women who are living proof that fit comes in ALL shapes, sizes and ages. Prepare to get inspired!

1. Valerie


Photo taken at the top of Camelback Mountain in Arizona.

It has always been joked about with friends and family that I was “freakishly strong,” and I would laugh it off. In the last couple of years I have embraced that what I enjoy most is lifting weights — big weights, and I am good at it. I found an awesome strength coach who pushes me and teaches me how to lift heavy, safely — and he just generally kicks my ass. He taught me that it was okay to hate running for running’s sake, and there are plenty of other ways to keep my cardio fitness and get stronger at the same time. Now I am unapologetically strong (thank you, Jen Sinkler, for that line) and my husband will offer me up first when people need help moving heavy things. My son asked me once if being strong made baking easier (I also love to bake and cook). I replied to him that being strong makes everything easier — and I believe that wholeheartedly. So “Suck it Up, Buttercup” and get your butt moving and lifting! 😉

2. Kim


I’m sending you a photo of me just after finishing the Canberra Marathon this year. When I first started working out, I was nearly 100 kilograms and couldn’t run to my street corner — just look at me now. 🙂

3. Krystal


I’m Krystal Robinson. I am a nationally ranked BMX racer from Indiana. I’ve raced for about 15 years and actually met my husband through racing. We travel the country and are hoping to attend the World Championship in Belgium this summer (depending on funds). Last year, I lost about 45 pounds through a renewed focus on eating healthy, portion control and training. I was able to finish third and fourth in my respective classes at the national finals. I might not ever be “skinny,” but I’m okay with that. I’ve got thunder thighs — but so what? I feel healthy, fit, and strong, and that’s what actually matters when I get to the top of the starting hill.

4. Angie


I’m a mother of three, including 15-month-old twin boys! 🙂 Still a work in progress each and every day! But NEVER giving up and happy with my body, heart and soul!!! Rock on Ladies!!! Be the best YOU you can be!

5. Jill


My name is Jill! I’m a 34-year-old mother of beautiful little ladies! I find that trying new things and keeping an open mind are the keys to maintaining a healthy body and life! It’s important to find active things that you enjoy and keep it interesting. Of all of the activities and workouts I’ve done and do, my favorite has remained the same since I was 5 years old. Nothing beats the 90-minute therapy session and sisterhood of soccer! It works every muscle in your body while refocusing your mind away from all of your worry and stress. Best of all, my daughters love that I still play! It gives them a great sense of GIRL POWER!

Wanna share your story? Learn how you can be featured as part of the Real FBGs movement, too, here! Let’s continue to show the world what fit really looks like! —Jenn

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