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My Plan of Attack to Get Back on Track

I’ve been at this healthy lifestyle biz a long time (has it been three decades?!) and even a seasoned veteran like myself can get off track. The signs are easy to recognize: wonky digestion, a strong gravitational pull toward sweat pants and a general slug-like feeling.


My first rule: don’t panic. Heck, even Heidi Klum reportedly has three sizes of jeans in her closet.

My second rule is to take action. And I mean now! Not tomorrow, or after the weekend, or after I’ve finished off that pan of brownies I failed to share. I begin with my eats (not a diet, just those foods I’ve been cramming in my pie hole) and take a good hard look.

Desserts are an integral part of life, but do I really need a sweet treat every night? For me that answer is ‘no,’ but it’s an awfully easy habit to get into. The same goes with the alcoholic beverages. And, yes, I agree, sometimes they do feel like a necessity, but I will voluntarily implement my own cease-and-desist order, rest assured I will survive to partake another day.

Next, it’s back to the basics. Loads of water, fresh fruits, veggies and my protein intake goes up. The protein I consume comes from whole foods, not drinks, which keep me satisfied longer. I don’t count calories, measure my food or abstain from starchy carbs, but I do watch how much I load onto my plate. After all, a serving is a serving.

And then I get giddy. Change is in the air, and it’s exciting. I scope out a new workout, but don’t go full-tilt crazy, especially if I’ve been lying low for a while. After all these years, switching up my routine still gets me charged up.

Now if my hiatus was a long one, I might look up my old friend cardio and tack on 20 minutes after a workout. That’s it. Before long I feel comfortable in my skin once again.

The key for me is tuning into my body and taking immediate action. So what if there is a dinner party to go to the next night — today is today. I do my best for this day and let tomorrow take care of itself.

If I truly dissect the reason for my descent into sloth-dom, it’s almost always boredom. Same ol’, same ol’ fails to satisfy the mind, body and soul. Keep on track by trying new recipes and change your workout routine about every four weeks.

How often do you change your workout routine or your running route? Heck, I even vary my dog walks to keep Lucky happy! —Karen

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