One Flatout Delicious Indulgence

flatout and nutella
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Even the best laid plans can sometimes lead to unexpected hunger, especially when you’re changing up your routine.
For me, any tweak to my workouts or training (or even my typical workday schedule) can seriously affect my appetite. If I’m just doing what I’d consider normal workouts (running a couple of times a week and hitting a rotation of group ex classes with a little strength training thrown in), then I can plan out my meals for the day without much thought or concern that I’ll hit the hangry zone.
But, when I’m upping my mileage (like, for a half marathon that I might be running next month, let’s say) and putting in more hours at the gym, things get a lot less predictable. The green breakfast smoothie that I found totally satisfying on a regular day might leave me with a rumbling stomach by mid-morning if I was out running trails at 6 a.m. that day. And I am not one to let hunger get the best of me, so I love finding substantial snacks that I can whip up in just a moment or two.
Often, I’ll go for a little sandwich, but sammies sometimes get a bad rap for being overly carb-heavy and low on protein and nutrition. Of course, what you put in said sandwich makes a big difference, but you can also change the game by switching out what’s around your sandwich ingredients. A thick, crusty bread has its place, but when you’re looking for a simple, tasty, high-protein snack or meal, I’ve got something pretty cool for you: ProteinUP Flatout Flatbread.
Here’s the deal — in just one piece of ProteinUP (which is totally enough for a filling sandwich), you’ll get down (get it?) with 12 grams of protein (and only 8 to 10 grams of net carbs and 130 calories). Now, sure, you can use it to make a pizza or a quesadilla — and I wouldn’t blame you for a second if you did, because both are delicious — but if you’re looking for quick, easy, tasty, filling and a little bit indulgent, I’ve got the perfect snack for you.flatout bread and nutella
Couldn’t be simpler: A ProteinUP wrap with Nutella. That’s it — and if you’re interested in trying it out, you can swing by select Walmart stores (as well as your local Publix supermarket, if you’re in the Southeast!) between May 14 to May 17 for a free sample of that exact combo!
Of course, if you’re just wanting to check out a ProteinUP wrap right there in your own kitchen, we can help you out with a BOGO coupon for Flatout. That’s what I did, because, well, I had an idea for how to dress up that simple wrap.
Also, adding bananas? HIGHLY recommended.
If that combination isn’t so much your jam, you can go the more savory route, too, both with ingredients and the wraps themselves. ProteinUP comes in three flavors — Sea Salt and Crushed Black Pepper, Red Pepper Hummus, and Core 12 (based on the original Flatout wrap, but made with chickpeas).
What’s your go-to, protein-packed snack of choice? Think you could #GetDownWithProteinUp? I also love wrapping up half an avocado with some cheese, maybe with a little sriracha. And, of course, now I’m hungry. Kristen
Thanks again, Flatout, for sponsoring this post!

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