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The 00s Workout Playlist: AKA “Remember-the-Flip-Phone Decade”

Ah, the 2000s … can you believe they are so far behind us? Cell phones were in flip form and people were relieved the Y2K virus never wreaked any havoc. (Whew!) Well, today we are looking back at 10 of the best tunes from the first decade of the century to pump up your next workout!


00s Workout Playlist

1. Nelly Furtado, “Promiscuous” (4:02). The groove on this song (which was co-produced by Timbaland) comes with a lethal beat that will make you want to shake your fit bottom. Woot!

2. M.I.A., “Paper Planes” (3:45). This M.I.A. tune (which she performed while freaking nine months pregnant at the Grammys!) was featured on the soundtrack of Slumdog Millionaire and sounds as fresh as ever.

3. Carrie Underwood, “Before He Cheats” (3:19). The first song from the American Idol alum was a huge smash and, at one time, was the best-selling country record of all time. For reals!

4. Plain White T’s, “Hey There, Delilah” (3:52). How can lyrics that are so stalker-y be a part of a melody that is delightful and sweet? (By the way, there was a real fit Delilah who inspired the song but she stayed with her boyfriend, so there you go … )

5. Krayzie Bones, “Ridin” (4:04). “They see me rollin’, they hatin’ … ” If you can stop yourself from singing along to “Ridin’,” you are a bigger person than me.

6. Fountains of Wayne, “Stacy’s Mom” (3:19). For such a pervy idea (boy dates girl because he thinks her mom is a hottie), it has a fun 80s-ish vibe and is super catchy to boot.

7. Jet, “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” (3:33). This is the song that was used in the first iPod commercial, which is just about the most 00s thing you can ever say.

8. Avril Lavigne, “Complicated” (4:04). Did you know Avril was only 16 years old when she wrote this song? Talk about a precocious teenager! Avril is currently battling lyme disease so be sure to send good, healing vibes her way.

9. Kelis, “Milkshake” (3:02). This booty-shaking hit always reminds me of Mean Girls, which we can all agree is one of the best films from that decade, mmm ‘kay?

10. Mary J. Blige, “Family Affair” (4:25). The funky beat here is pure Dr. Dre, and the lyrics are a wonderful reminder how really cool and wonderful people can be. “Let’s just try to love one another” … yes!

Are there any songs from 00s that are your particular favorites? Let us know about them in the comments! —Margo

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  1. Carry out – Timbaland and JT
    American Idiot – Green Day
    Wine Up – Kat Deluna
    Just Dance – Lady Gaga
    Get your head in the game – High School Musical
    Temperature – Sean Paul

  2. Missy says:

    My favorite song out of this list is Mary J. – Family Affair. My friend is a DJ and this is so not my style of music (I’m a headbanger) so I never knew the name of it and would ask him to play the percolatin’ song.

    On another note I saw Fountains of Wayne in concert although a friend had to tell me I did. They opened for some larger act in the late 90s I saw (Smashmouth maybe?) and then they had their hits and I didn’t even realize I had seen them in concert.

  3. Cassie says:

    I LOVE these songs! Avril Lavigne is my favorite!

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