50 Unique Ingredients to Bust Smoothie Boredom

smoothie-ingredients-585We love smoothies, but even we sometimes get in a rut with them. Morning alarm goes off, you stumble to the kitchen and on autopilot make a cup of coffee and the same smoothie you’ve been making for months. Sure, it was delicious the first hundred times you had it, but now it’s just, well, blah.
You feel me?
There are a TON of fun things you can do to mix up your smoothie and make it darn right exciting. But in the day-to-day hustle, it’s easy to forget to mix things up. So to help you bust a smoothie rut, the writers here at FBE have put our foodie noggins together to come up with the ultimate list of our favorite unique smoothie ingredients. Things like protein powder, peanut butter, spinach, kale, berries, bananas and most other fruits are a given, but here are some more unique smoothie ingredient ideas. We hope this list inspires you to mix up what you’re mixing up in that blender of yours!

50 Unique Ingredients to Bust Smoothie Boredom

  1. Cashews
  2. Zucchini
  3. Fresh basil
  4. Cacao powder or nibs
  5. Coconut oil
  6. Mashed sweet potato
  7. Vegetable powders
  8. Chia seeds
  9. Coffee (great way to use day-old coffee that’s been chilled)
  10. Greek yogurt
  11. Radishes
  12. Avocado
  13. Aloe vera
  14. Fruit jam
  15. Pasteurized egg whites
  16. Oatmeal
  17. Maca powder
  18. Raw almonds
  19. Soft cheese (ricotta or goat cheese pairs super well with berries!)
  20. Spirulina
  21. Cayenne pepper
  22. Lime
  23. Kefir
  24. Fresh parsley
  25. Cooked white beans
  26. Sliced fresh ginger
  27. Ground flaxseed
  28. Coconut water
  29. Tea (green, black, herbal … the sky is the limit!)
  30. Nutmilk
  31. Cinnamon
  32. Goji berries
  33. Maple water
  34. Turmeric
  35. Jicama
  36. Canned pumpkin
  37. Hemp seeds
  38. Orange peel
  39. Cabbage
  40. Roasted beets
  41. Cereal
  42. Walnuts
  43. Kombucha (just don’t blend too vigorously as there can be some carbonation)
  44. Brazil nuts
  45. Wheatgrass
  46. Carrots
  47. Cucumber
  48. Shredded coconut
  49. Lemon
  50. Broccoli florets

What new smoothie ingredient(s) will you try? I’m about to go get my goat cheese and strawberry smoothie on! Jenn

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