6 Reasons to Sweat It Out Over Skype

Wish you had more fit friends to work out with? Go online! Not only can you make new buds who like to sweat online but also you can connect with fit pros or long-distance friends, giving you the BFF support you need to reach your healthy goals. And one of the best ways to do that is through Skype. For Best Fit Friends Week, we got the dealio on “Skypercise” and how to use this fit tech to your healthy advantage from our buds at Microsoft. Read on for how to use Skype for your next workout!


Encourage Each Other, With Skype

Sticking to a healthy eating plan is always easier when you’ve got some support — particularly if your friends or family members are trying to change their diet at the same time. And you can use Skype to help and encourage each other while you’re changing your lifestyles. Try setting up a group video call to discuss how you’re going to work together to support each other, and schedule in further calls for updates at regular intervals.

You can share your diet tips using Skype instant messaging, and send each other menu plans, weight-loss targets and before-and-after photos using its file-transfer feature.

And, if you’re the culinary expert in your group, you could show your friends and family members how to make some healthy meals and tasty, guilt-free treats in your kitchen and doing your very own live cookery demonstration via a Skype group video call. You and your friends could even cook healthy recipes and sit down to dinner with each other over video call.

Add in Some Exercise — Skypercise!

If you’re about to embark on a healthy eating plan, don’t forget to make sure you’re including some exercise in your schedule, too. You could use Skype to help you exercise with your friends and families — call each other to design workout schedules together, send each other details of the exercises you do via Skype instant messaging or even set up a group exercise session via a group video call.

Whichever method you choose, remember that exercising should be fun — and one of the best ways to make it less of a chore is to share the pain and the gain with others.

6 Reasons to Sweat It Out Over Skype

1. It’s easy. Skype makes working out from home simple. You can demonstrate, guide and motivate each other as if you were together in the same room. But, the best part is you can be anywhere in the world with a wifi connection.

2. It’s quick. Time is a rare commodity these days and one that sees too many people put their health on the backburner. Now you can train any time that suits you with Skype video calls.

3. You can do it wherever you are. Some jobs (or vacations) take you all over the world. Thanks to Skype, you can take your workout partner or favorite workout class on the road with you to whatever country and whichever hotel room you end up in. Pick up from exactly where you left off and train wherever you are.

4. It’s not the gym. It seems so simple, but it’s such a big thing. Some people just don’t like the gym environment — after all, sweating in front of strangers isn’t for everyone. When you train over Skype, it’s completely private and you don’t need to get dressed up or worry about how you look. You’re training in your own environment!

5. It’s convenient. A lot of Skype users love the convenience factor. One minute you can be watching the end of your favorite TV show, putting the kids to bed or finishing a school assignment, then two minutes later you can be warming up for your Skype workout session. There’s also a lot less room for excuses when you’re already “there.”

6. It’s just like having a personal trainer. There is little difference between traditional personal training and Skype training. In terms of the training itself, the majority of goals can be achieved through Skype, and with a space no bigger than a few square feet to train in, you can easily reach your natural muscular potential.

Have you ever used Skype to work out with friends or a trainer? Tell us about it! We simply love this idea!The FBGs

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  1. Cassie says:

    Skype refuses to cooperate with my computers :/

  2. Igor says:

    Interesting idea. I will try this with my girlfriend, we already try everything else over skype 😀

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