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How a Running Jumper Gave Me a Personal Breakthrough

Of Erin, Kristen and me, I’d certainly give “most fashionable” to Kristen. She’s down with trends, knows how to apply eyeliner like she has her own million-hit beauty YouTube channel and always has such great hair. So when I heard last year that Brooks Running had a running jumper coming out in its PureProject line (remember, we’re a blog ambassador of theirs!), I was like, oh, Kristen is so going to have to try that!

And, then, another question dawned on me: Can I pull that off?

Whenever I ask myself that question, I know I’m being pushed out of my comfort zone. Whether it’s in the gym, about a work project or something as simple as a fashion trend, the question “Can I pull that off?” usually means that I’m meeting some inner resistance (in this case, not drawing too much attention to myself or being judged) … and that I should probably do it.

So, even though I was afraid I couldn’t pull it off and that everyone at the gym would be all, like, what is that girl wearing?! I wore it.

And it was fun! And once I got over myself and my fear of what others might think of me or how they might react to my romper wear, it was damn liberating. In fact, the only comments I got were straight-up compliments, teaching me that a) It’s fun to try new things and, b) Not nearly as many people are paying attention to you as you think. They’re all in their own heads, just like I was! and, c) My gym is awesome. Not to mention that the darn thing was really comfortable and cool to work out and run in (even if peeing is a bit more complicated). No fear of having your shirt ride up or your shorts pull down. Just an easy breezy outfit to lift in, run in, yoga in … to do really anything in!


Photo credit: Sheryl Hammontree

The boxes we tend to put ourselves in — not fashionable, not a runner, not a good cook — aren’t usually because they’re true. They’re usually because that’s what we’ve been telling ourselves (or others told us and we mistakenly believed them). And that’s the space that we act out of. But what if we all reversed that script? What if I started having more fun with my outfits and felt like I could wear anything, with confidence? How would that change my workout? My day? My life?

I’ll let you know about the life part, but I’ll say this: the workout was great and it made my day great, too. I may just need to order another jumper …

What boxes do you put yourself in that you feel like busting out of? —Jenn

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