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Lazy Babies Make Strong Moms

lazy-babies-585I read a lot that many second and third children are quicker movers than older siblings. They’re motivated because they want to keep up with their brothers and sisters. It has so not been the case in my house. My labors bucked the trends — each one getting longer by two hours — and it seems that theme has carried over into mobility milestones as well. My eldest walked at 14 months. My second walked at 16 months. I’m interested to see if my youngest tacks on another couple of months to that milestone because at this rate, she’s my laziest baby yet.

There is something really funny to me about having a super lazy baby. First, it’s funny because a baby can’t really be lazy (just in case you took that seriously at all). She’s busy in her own ways. At 9 months, she’s sitting like a champ, reaching for objects she shouldn’t be, yanking my hair like OMG — but she’s rolled over from back to front once — and seeing as how that was a few weeks ago, I’m not entirely sure it wasn’t a complete accident. She’s just really, really content taking in all of the action around her and not creating the action. There are always toys within reach, and I think frankly she’s a bit afraid of joining in with the older kids’ crazy shenanigans.

The doctor wasn’t concerned at all; she said that rolling isn’t a milestone — and neither is crawling — so as long as she’s progressing, I’m not worried either. When my doctor asked if she was pulling up to stand, I actually laughed. I mean, I’ve never even gone in to her crib and found her flipped over to her tummy in the night. The crib is still on its highest setting because she’s made no moves to sit up on her own. The thought of having her pull up? Comical to me.

At this age, my son was rolling around to get where he wanted to go, and my oldest daughter was nearly crawling. And while it’s easy to make those comparisons, since this ain’t my first rodeo, I know all babies have their own timelines. And honestly, I’m relieved I can sit her down and not have to worry about what she’s getting into while I’m going to the bathroom! These days are numbered and once they’re over, they’re over.

It’s about this time in my babies’ lives when I’m really glad I’m strength training though. We’re over the 20-pound mark and without her crawling yet to follow me around the house, if she needs to get to a different location, I’m the one getting her there. So I heave that 20-pound bundle of cuteness up and down and up and down all day long. I’d really better keep up with the strength training because if the patterns hold, she won’t be walking until 18 months.

I’m going to be so strong. And then I can start in on more cardio by chasing her!

Were your younger kids quicker to move than your older ones or did they buck that trend like mine?Erin

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