Rawxies Review: The ‘Crap-Free’ Cookie

Vegan. Gluten-free. Raw. Soy-free. Dairy-free. Non-GMO. Need I say more?
I attended a bloggers’ conference in Kansas City in April and had the opportunity to hear some great speeches from some bad-ass bloggers. One of these bloggers was Callie England — creator of Rawxies, a vegan, g-free and raw hybrid between a cookie and a nutrition bar. After Callie’s speech, I really wanted to reach out to see about reviewing their little heart-shaped cookies. I’m always eager to try anything made right here in KC. And the fact that it was “crap-free” sure didn’t hurt either.
My sweet-tooth was beyond giddy when these little oat-filled bars showed up on my door step. Rawxies offers four flavors that include mint chocolate chip, lemon poppyseed, banana nut bread and mocha almond.

Mint Chocolate Chip

This one is flava-licious. I’m a chocolate lover, so I kind of predicted this would be my favorite. It has a subtle cocoa flavor with a light mint aftertaste. The texture is perfect. It’s similar to a just-baked cookie and has small bits of crunchy cocoa nibs. The only complaint I would have about this flavor is it’s a tad bitter.
If you’re used to eating sugary sweets, then this probably isn’t for you. It is an acquired taste and is a far cry from a Snickers. Although, I do find it to be a great option when I’m craving something sweet and don’t exactly want fruit at the moment.

Banana Nut Bread

Oh, I love me some banana nut bread! The second I opened this little beauty it smelled just like banana nut bread. Not exactly fresh-out-of-the-oven banana nut bread, but very close. I really liked this flavor, too. I could taste both the fresh bananas and the walnuts. This would be great for an on-the-go morning snack.

Mocha Almond

My first initial thought: brownie. It tastes like a chocolate brownie with sprinkles of almond flakes. The coffee taste is very minimal, which I enjoyed because I don’t enjoy the taste of coffee too much. There is an initial bitter aftertaste, but you don’t notice it after a few bites. This is my second fave next to the Mint Chocolate Chip.

Lemon Poppyseed

I must preface by saying that I am not a huge fan of either poppy seed or lemon. I only like lemon in my water or on my fish. Other than that, forget about it. So, this one was not my favorite. It had a very strong lemony flavor and I felt besides that, it was fairly bland. I was not a huge fan of the texture either. (Also, sorry I have no picture for this one. I had a brain fart and totally forgot to take one!)

Overall Thoughts on Rawxies

So, what’s my overall grade for Rawxies? I’d have to give them a B. For being “free” of almost everything, they’re a pretty great alternative. Again, I think it’s an acquired taste for sure, but if you’re looking for an organic, raw, vegan, non-GMO, low-glycemic, gluten-free, soy-free and high-quality cookie, it’s worth checking out.
Rawxies products run around $30 for a box of 12, and they do offer free shipping. In addition to these little gems, they offer Rawxies Crunch, which come in 4-ounce bags and three flavors: Smoked Paprika, Chili Lime, and Chipotle Curry. They also offer a variety of chocolates. I haven’t tried any of these, so I can’t speak on them, but if you decide to try them, let us know what you think! 
Would you give Rawxies a try? I’d probably keep a stash for when I’m looking for a quick, on-the-go sweet treat. —Erika

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