What I Ate on Moving Day

I just moved to a new house. Now, by “just,” I mean two weeks ago, but still — turns out it takes considerably longer than that to get settled and find places for everything, especially when you’re moving from a home with a two-car garage and a huge pantry to a home with a one-car garage and … no pantry at all.

Although I’d had big plans for eating healthy on moving day, in the end, I’ll be honest — I totally succumbed to convenience, noshing on half a bagel from the free breakfast buffet in the hotel before heading over to the house in the morning (plus coffee — lots of coffee is required for moving … which reminds me that I highly recommend packing your coffeemaker somewhere very handy. Let’s just say I got to know the local Panera pretty well over the first couple of days in the new place!), and, for lunch, we ordered some pizza, both for the movers and for us.

messy kitchen

Yeah, no actual cooking was going to be happening in the middle of all this.

I really thought I’d be game to whip up a big ass salad, or maybe even roast some veggies to have with quinoa by the time evening fell, but honestly, I was exhausted. The kitchen counters weren’t even visible beneath the stacks of boxes and tote bags, and the location of forks, knives and other utensils remained anybody’s guess. Still, I really wanted some good, crunchy, fresh veggies, so I swung over to the nearest Publix (which, happily, is only about half a mile away!) and grabbed a big veggie sub with some chipotle Gouda cheese — best thing ever.
Even though we didn’t make a real meal for a few days after moving in, the first room we tackled was the kitchen, because it doesn’t really matter if you have a place to sit and eat if you can’t actually prepare a meal, right?
I found the most important items right off the bat: blender and wine glasses. Shortly thereafter, I located protein powder and chia seeds. Regular drinking glasses, however, were a bit harder to come by.
blender and wine glasses

Bare necessities.

It all got me thinking — what are the first things you look to unpack when you’re moving into a new kitchen? What do you leave for the end? I was really happy to find my nut butters, but I have to say, I’m not sure when I’ll even get my big mixer out of the box.Kristen

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