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3 Cool Gym Hacks You Need in Your Life


You know how some products come along and you’re like, how did I live before this?! It’s kind of like driving anywhere before you had the internet on your phone. Or, if you’re old enough to remember, a printout from MapQuest. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone got around in those days.

But enough about that, today we’re talking about gym hacks! These three items might not be quite as big as the, ahem, internet, but they will rock your fit life. So much so that you will wonder how you hit the gym without ’em!

Gym Hack #1: Never run out of battery on your phone.



One of my biggest gym pet peeves is being psyched to work out, throwing on my headphones and then boom, no battery to power up your super amazing playlist. That’s the worst, right? Well, say goodbye to that prob with the Jackery Mini portable external battery ($19.99). This little device allows you to fully charge your phone (android, iPhone, windows, blackberry), mp3 player and more on the go. Get hours of extra charge with this little buddy so that you’re never without your favorite workout apps or tunes ever again!

Gym Hack #2: Never go without your water bottle.


I take my water bottle everywhere I go. But, let’s face it, sometimes it’s a pain to cart around — especially if I’m traveling or am simply carrying a bunch of stuff out the door (like, a baby, a bouncer, and a diaper bag for a routine trip to the gym). But the PocketBottle ($16.99) allows you to take your water bottle in your — you guessed it — pocket! Made with BPA-Free, non-toxic and FDA-approved silicone and polypropylene, this little bottle rolls up so that it’s great whether you’re hiking, running, camping, cycling — or are just hanging at the beach or pool. You can even fill it up with juice or other liquids (tailgating, anyone?) and it features a latching cap that “clicks” closed to ensure a leak-free seal no matter what you decide to sip from it.

Gym Hack #3: Never have stinky “clean” clothes again.


Don’t you hate it when you wash your workout clothes (especially the sweat-wicking ones) only to have them come out of the washing machine looking clean but smelling less than fresh? Me, too, guys, me, too. It’s like somehow the post-workout stink gets in there and just will. not. leave. But now there’s a way to get that funkiness out: Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator. Use this along with your usual detergent in the wash and your stinkiest of workout clothes will come out smelling fresher. (And if you have towels that just can’t shake that mildew smell, this works great for those, too!) You’re welcome.

Have a new product come into your life that you can’t imagine your fit life without now? I’d love to hear some of your best gym hacks! Jenn

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