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5 Gluten-Free Finds That Are Way Better Than Bread

Not many people I know get excited about “gluten-free” bread. Although there are some good brands out there, most of the time it’s dry or dense, or just, I don’t know, not like bread.

But if you’re cutting out gluten or just looking to eat fewer grains, we’ve put together five of our fave gluten-free bread swaps — many of which even get more veggies in your eats, too. Bonus!
1. Greens. Swap out your bread with some greens! Take your fave sandwich fillings and wrap ’em up in a big ol’ piece or romaine or a collard green leaf. Besides making for a darn pretty “sandwich,” this gluten-free option will give you extra fiber, calcium, antioxidants and cut cals. Even some major chains — like Freshii, Jimmy John’s and Planet Sub — are offering this healthy g-free option!
2. Meat. Yeah, seriously. Take some veggies and wrap it up with a piece of nitrate-free deli turkey, ham or roast beef. You can even spread one of these awesome condiments on it. A little weird, but totally delicious — and high protein!
3. Gluten-free wraps or tortillas. Whether you go with corn tortillas or specific gluten-free wraps, there are quite a few fun things you can do. Don’t just think of it as a taco or a burrito — instead, fill it full of veggies, or even something simple like ham and cheese! If you want to go uber healthy, try something like WrawP that is a raw, vegan, organic and gluten-free flatbread. They come in savory, sweet and even fruit leather!
4. Open-faced “sandwich.” Who says you need a bread replacement at all? After all, what is it that you really love about your favorite sandwich? I don’t know about you, but it’s the filling I crave (hello, peanut butter and jelly!) the most; not the bread! So simply stack your toppings in a small dish and go to town. Or, in the case of PB&J, try mixing it into oatmeal or on a rice cake to beat a craving, minus the bread.
5. Veggie slices. Try using large roasted eggplant slices or big ol’ tomato slices as your “bread” with meat, cheese and even spinach or basil as your sandwich insides. You may need a fork and knife to eat them, but you’ll still get a sandwich-type experience — plus more veggies!

And if you are going to do the gluten-free bread thing, I highly recommend upping the tasty quotient by spreading a little olive oil on it and then grilling it. Yum … —Jenn

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