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50 Items for a Fully Stocked Paleo Pantry

Wanna cook more like a caveman or cavewoman but aren’t exactly sure what to have on hand? We created a master Paleo pantry list that includes all the items we recommend for Paleo baking and cooking success. Plus, so much yumminess for snacks!

  1. Almond flour
  2. Anchovies
  3. Applesauce (unsweetened)
  4. Avocado oil
  5. Baking soda
  6. Baking powder
  7. Beef jerky
  8. Blackstrap molasses
  9. Broth
  10. Cacao powder
  11. Cacao nibs
  12. Coconut aminos (soy sauce replacement)
  13. Coconut flour
  14. Coconut milk (with no added guar gum)
  15. Coconut oil
  16. Coconut water
  17. Dried fruit (unsweetened)
  18. Dried seaweed
  19. Dried mushrooms
  20. Egg white protein powder
  21. Fish sauce
  22. Garlic powder
  23. Gelatin
  24. Ghee
  25. Honey
  26. Hot sauce
  27. Macadamia nut oil
  28. Maple syrup
  29. Nuts (not peanut)
  30. Nut butters (not peanut)
  31. Olive oil (flavored ones are great, too!)
  32. Olives
  33. Oysters
  34. Pumpkin puree
  35. Protein bars (Epic, Exo, Larabar)
  36. Roasted red peppers
  37. Salmon (canned)
  38. Sea salt
  39. Seaweed (nori sheets)
  40. Seeds (pumpkin, sesame, etc.)
  41. Spices
  42. Sunflower seed butter
  43. Sweet potato puree
  44. Tahini
  45. Tomatoes, canned
  46. Tomato paste
  47. Tuna (canned)
  48. Vanilla extract
  49. Vinegars
  50. Wine (Gosh, how did that get on there?!)

When shopping, be sure to check ingredient labels, as sometimes non-Paleo things are added to the simplest of things (like coconut water and spice blends, for example). Other than that, have fun stocking your Paleo pantry up!
Did we forget anything?! I’m always looking for new Paleo pantry finds, so do tell. Jenn

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