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5 Food Words to Describe Your Food Feelings

I love coming upon words — real or made up — that perfectly encapsulate how I feel. Like this list of words describing emotions many of us feel but have no words for. Jouska! Liberosis! I don’t care a fig whether they’re actual psychological terms or not — I just love having a term for a feeling or an idea that previously had to be awkwardly explained.
There’s probably a term for my deep desire to name everything, too, isn’t there?
Anyway, that list I mentioned got me thinking about some of the feelings and experiences we have through food. So, I came up with a few words that, in my opinion, pretty clearly explain a few of the food-related feelings we all experience from time to time!
foodie feelings
Amneatsia (n.): A state of being in which you order a dish or make a recipe that sounds amazing on paper, but as soon as you take a bite, you remember that you’ve ordered/made it before and didn’t like it then, either. Example: Every time I go to Fuji Sushi, I have amneatsia about the Voodoo Roll. Do I love it? Do I hate it? I never remember until it arrives and I taste it. 
Compenseat (n.): The act of overindulging in a meal because whatever you ate before that left you totally unsatisfied. I’m going to compenseat for that horrid smoothie from this morning with a huge bowl of Brussels sprouts and balsamic reduction, and maybe some crackers and cheese. Also, grapes. And I’ll need some dark chocolate for dessert.
Defeasted (adj.): Experiencing a total food fail so epic that you’re actually excited to share the story. Example: I was so utterly defeasted by the cake pops that the only thing left to do was take a picture, share it on social, laugh about it and hit the bakery to pick up something made by a professional.
Nomstalgia (n.): When you remember a food from your past as the best thing you’ve ever eaten, but your memory is heavily influenced by circumstances outside the food itself (like who made it, who you ate it with, where you were, what you were drinking … ). Example: I thought that hot dogs and beans were the most delicious combination until I made them as an adult, at which point I realized I was just experiencing nomstalgia for them because my mom always made them for me.
Supperperior (n.): A sense of smugness one might feel when opting to eat a healthy meal that requires a bit of effort rather than picking up some greasy takeout or fast food. Example: She was exhausted after a long day at work, but roasting up some veggies and pairing them with the organic quinoa she had in her pantry made Jolene feel rather supperperior.
Do any of these resonate with you? Got any to add? Let’s hear it in the comments. I have a feeling there might be a Part 2 to this… Kristen

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