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Healthy Supermarket Secrets Revealed

Navigating the healthy food choice world can be tricky stuff. To go it alone you would have to be part nutritionist, part research scientist, part environmentalist and one hell of an avid reader. Luckily, there are folks out there who’ve got your back!
And you’ll find them in some interesting places, like your neighborhood grocery store!


The family operated chain is growing. Currently they operate 97 stores in 17 states and have another 18 locations opening in 2015.

Natural Grocers, a modern healthy supermarket chain, not only provides you with a place to pick up a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread, but are also advocates for your health. They refuse to sell products that contain ingredients that aren’t good for you. Artificial colors and sweeteners, partially hydrogenated oils, non-organic produce,  irradiated foods and more are on their Do Not Carry list,  even though the FDA has given these items the nod of approval.
But, Natural Grocers doesn’t stop there. They don’t want to just feed your body; they want to feed your brain as well and are dedicated to providing nutrition education to the communities that they serve.
They offer science-based nutrition seminars (like How To Restore Your Digestive Health) and cooking demonstrations (like Clean Healthy Recipes Kids LOVE!) for inspiration. Almost every store has a nutritional health coach who will answer questions while you shop, over the phone or online; and if you are looking for more guidance, you can schedule an hour-long, one-on-one personalized coaching session.
If you are the do-it yourself type, in the back of each store you’ll find a nutrition library with an array of books, literature and pre-printed flyers for the taking on every subject from bone health to women specific issues.
And get this — it’s free! Yep, free!
All you have to do is check their website or pick up a calendar of events at the register. No registration is required, just show up and learn something new. My store even offers incentive programs for attending events; collect award points by taking advantage of their free seminars and you’re awarded with free groceries. (BTW, their website is also filled with loads of information, recipes, tips and substitution ideas for special diets.)
Good health is not a fad; it’s a lifestyle. And you’ve gotta love it when the folks selling you your food totally get it!
Do you take advantage of the free health information provided by your local supermarket? All you have to do is ask! —Karen

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