How to Freeze Pancakes the Right Way

pancakes-585How do you freeze pancakes?
It seems kind of like a silly and, quite frankly, simple question. Um, you just put them in the freezer, right?
Nope! Believe me, if you cook a batch of pancakes and just throw them all in a freezer bag, you are going to end up with what I like to call “pancake cake,” where each single pancake morphs into a single incredibly thick and giant pancake. In theory it sounds delicious, but when you’re reaching for just one or two, it’s kind of a hot — or, in this case, cold — mess.
Ask me how I know.
So, in an attempt to do it better — and because having pancakes (especially protein pancakes!) frozen and at the ready for quick breakfasts and snacks is everything — I’ve put together a short guide. It’s basically just one extra step … plus a little planning. And it’s totally worth it.

How to Freeze Pancakes — the Right Way

Step 1: Cook a crapton of pancakes.

Take this, times 20.

Take this, times 20.

Step 2: Place them on a baking sheet in one single layer. Let them cool completely. And I mean completely. This is imperative to avoiding pancake cake! (Unless, you thought things through and really do want that, in which case, skip and proceed to step 4.)
Step 3: Make a stack of pancakes with some parchment paper between each one.
I forgot to date these. Don't do that.

I forgot to date these. Don’t do that. You think you’ll remember, but you won’t.

Step 4: Put in a freezer-safe container, note the date and what type of pancakes they are, seal and freeze.
Happy and frozen.

Happy and individually frozen.

Step 5: When ready to eat, simply take out as many as you want, pop in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and EAT!
Microwave and FEAST!

Reheat and FEAST!

See? Simple yet important.
Any there any other eats you love to freeze? I hear eggs freeze well, but I haven’t tried them yet … Jenn

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  1. Ginny says:

    We don’t have a microwave. Would a toaster work, like waffles? Or maybe best to heat in a skillet?

    1. Jenn says:

      I’d try heating them in a skillet! 🙂